URGENT NEED in Afghanistan

If you get falsely accused of doing something against the leaders in Afghanistan and only get killed, that is a good day.

This podcast is urgent and needs to be shared with our supporters. You may not be aware of the recent devastating earthquakes that have struck parts of Afghanistan. In the last few days, multiple earthquakes with magnitudes ranging from 6 to 7 have resulted in the loss of thousands of lives and the displacement of thousands more.

BTJ is on the ground, providing support and ministering to those affected, and we urgently need your help!

As one individual put it, this feels like the wrath of God. The takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban has decimated its people. Many people have fled, leaving those trapped in this disaster without any support. They have lost their homes and are now forced to escape into the mountains, where they will face freezing temperatures without blankets or shelter.

Currently, the surrounding information may seem bleak, whether it is local, national, or global news. The world is experiencing what appears to be an unprecedented amount of chaos, disorder, and complete mayhem. Let’s strive to bring life and hope to those in Afghanistan who are enduring unimaginable tragedy and agony. In the midst of their suffering, there is hope to be found in Jesus.

Click below to listen to this urgent podcast.

Episode 707: Urgent Need In Afghanistan

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