URGENT: Help Needed in Afghanistan

Asmaan (not her real name) lost her husband and now lives in Kabul, Afghanistan, with her children to care for. Asmaan works as at a restaurant (not her real job), but has now been told by the Taliban that she is no longer allowed to work because she is a woman.

Last night, an urgent message was sent to BTJ about Asmaan, who is a secret believer and desperately needs support to care for her and her children as they face the storm of the Taliban alone.

Naghmeh Panahi, a BTJ partner and church planter in Iran, commented on the situation in Afghanistan saying, “Where there is Islamic extremism and countries run by Islam (Sharia Law), women and children are affected, oppressed the most. These laws are generally geared towards women. Where there is lack of religious freedom (as in Islamic countries with Sharia Law) we see correlation with lack of women’s rights and oppression of women.”

Asmaan is feeling the full weight of Sharia Law coming down in Kabul right now and does not have the option of getting on a plane and flying to America or Europe with her children. She is not allowed to go out and get a job. She knows that her daughters could be taken from her and forced to marry older Taliban leaders at any moment.

BTJ has sent support to assist with her living expenses, so that she does not have to worry for the time being. BTJ does not have a special fund for this specific effort, but support from BTJ GateKeepers has been sent. We are so thankful for the support that we get from BTJ GateKeepers that allow our teams to immediately respond to needs as they arise in unexpected disasters.

If you would like to become a GateKeeper and help in situations like the disaster that is unfolding in Afghanistan, please click here.

If you would like to make a one time gift to help in Afghanistan, please click here.

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  1. Dean Romond

    Let us pray that a mighty revival will sweep through the Taliban and all of Afghanistan

  2. San Juanita Falcon

    God is God! And he is unstoppable. He will prevail. He is on the move whether we see him or not!! He shall protect and guide his people.
    He is the fortress they run to


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