URGENT: BTJ by-passes Taliban to get Aid to Afghanistan After Deadly Earthquake Kills 13

A deadly earthquake struck Afghanistan on Tuesday, just as BTJ was arranging a shipment of food. The death toll has already claimed the lives of 13 people, but the number is expected to rise.

“This is especially hard for us,” said Sarah (not her real name) from Afghanistan, “because people are already starving.” International aid organizations have echoed the words of Sarah and sounded the alarm for the need for food. The number of people facing starvation has jumped 50% and the majority of those facing death are vulnerable malnourished children.

Getting aid into Afghanistan is not easy since the Taliban has taken over. Most organizations have pulled out because they cannot guarantee the safety of their staff under the new Islamic tyrannical rule, but BTJ has a couple of back channels that allow us to provide immediate support to the most rural areas.

BTJ is bypassing the Taliban and sending aid directly to the people on the ground using a special underground network system.

100% of the support for this effort has come from BTJ GateKeepers.  To learn more about being a GateKeeper, click below.



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