Underground House Church Pastor in China Has Strong Warning for Church in West

Pastor Shen Xiaoming is the head pastor of the China Gospel Fellowship; one of the largest underground house churches in China with over 10 million believers, and he has a warning for the church in the west.

Pastor Shen has seen one of the most powerful revivals in world history, as well as one of the most intense times of Christian persecution. His experience makes him one of the most unique pastors in the world today. During a period of two years when writing his biography, KIDNAPPED BY A CULT, we finally asked Pastor Shen, “after years of revival, does the Chinese church risk becoming stagnant?”

Without hesitation he answered, “Of course this is a great danger. We suffered for years. We were tested and tried, but persecution didn’t destroy us. It refined the church. It caused us to grow.”

In a final warning to the church in the west, Pastor Shen says, “The church shouldn’t fear suffering, it should fear worldliness.”

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