Tribute to our Donors Office Letter

In a matter of days after being invited to pen this letter, I had an experience which gave birth to the above title. I received a call wanting to know more about Back to Jerusalem. Now this in itself is not unusual, but the intensity and excitement in the caller’s voice was. The caller had never given to the ministry before, but was very quick to declare his desire to become a supporter of Back to Jerusalem. The conversation revealed that this former pastor and now successful businessman believed in the vision of the underground church and the role BTJ was playing in it.

Why? Why do people desire to invest into this small mission organization? What attracts them? In the case above, the caller had just finished reading The Heavenly Man. I get it… my reaction twelve years ago was so very similar after my first reading and we have heard this story over and over again. The story of the Church in the East had shaken my own Western mindset to its core. My heart was captured.

One of my greatest joys since has been to interface with our donors. The joy of receiving three five dollar bills given in sacrifice, always accompanied by notes of encouragement expressing appreciation for the ministry, frequently closing with verses of their favorite Scriptures. Or the anonymous gifts without any hint of who they are from, but are faithful in responding to the impression of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes the gifts may be considered small, but the largeness of their hearts brings great honor to our Lord.

Sometimes the gifts are quite large, BTJ being remembered through wills and final estate settlements, or through charitable trusts established while donors are still living. Whether the gifts are small or large Back to Jerusalem desires to express our sincere appreciation to all of our donors.

BTJ wants to give back to you, our donors. This is expressed through blogs and mission news events on our website, by providing frequent informative Podcasts, offering Vision Casting trips to explore the mission field first hand, hosting conferences (like our upcoming VoP in October) and through our bi-monthly newsletters. Yet another way, is the privilege we have of praying for you when you call in. Some of our greatest blessings have been in praying for and with you when you call our office.


BTJ USA Office

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