To Fear Properly

Greetings from Canada!

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind…” 2 Tim 1:7

Over the past 15 months I feel like this verse has been flipped on it’s head for most people. There has been an acceptance of fear. People have willfully given up their power, they have been confused, closed themselves off from going out and loving others.

The Spirit of fear causes insecurity, it causes people to obsess, it causes anxiety. It can take over a persons will to live. The enemy’s goal has been a mandate to cause fear. The end game would be that fear = compliance. It took away people’s identity and internal right to live. We’ve seen the turmoil, the heartbreak and the eventually death that comes from fear.

The gospel, the kingdom message, does not change. Our mandate will always be in the world, and it will always be to deliver a simple message of hope. The good news of Jesus Christ. “So great is his loving kindness toward those who fear Him”. We need to regain the fear that God desires us to have.

We have heard the struggle in people, but we have also seen the victory. Praise God! In the months past, we have been a part of more people getting saved, baptized, filled with the spirit, and growing in desire for community more than we ever have.

Jesus said “you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses (martyrs)…Acts 1:8

His power strengthens us to go, and to put others lives ahead of our own. We can’t protect ourselves. God is clearly our protector. If anything, our recent history has given us a small glimpse into what the persecuted church has been overcoming for centuries. Although, even at this point it seems to be simply inconvenience over life threatening situations.

People are hurting right now. They need freedom. They need God. We are thankful that our God has solutions and He is quick to act. Our heart is just to be available. We haven’t been able to travel much, so by default our focus has been more local, in homes, and reaching out to the needy. We are blessed, knowing that our God is working in the world mightily through fellow brothers and sisters, and we get to be part of this end-time harvest. He is pouring out His spirit, and there is no greater time to be alive!

God Bless!

2 thoughts on “To Fear Properly”

  1. Thanks for the encouragement Will. While people are fearful of what their respective governments will or won’t do, the Church should rise above partisanship and demonstrate that she is marching to a different beat. We belong to the Kingdom of God and while we may suffer here, it is only momentary. May we shine in our faith, may we not succumb to fear and may we have the courage to keep loving our neighbour.

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