Time for a Vision Trip

Unfortunately this trip has been canceled and is postponed until 2023!

Thanksgiving is creeping up on us and we’d better be ready. Sick of the turkey? How about some freshly slaughtered sheep, roasted on a fire outside, shared with people from different continents? Or would you like to spend some time in the lands of the Bible, and meet with believers whose churches go back to apostolic times? Or perhaps you want to see the stories in the news from a completely new angle, those of believers quietly serving refugee communities near ISIS former strongholds?

The good news is that we have just the trip for you. Join us as we go to Iraq, to learn, to serve and to get a new perspective on God’s work in the world. Details will follow, but save the date!

Our journey will begin on November 28th as team members arrive in Istanbul where we will gather for a meet-and-greet at the local hotel. From there we will fly into Iraq on November 30, where we will go to local villages, delivering aid and providing entertainment for the children. We will also visit some of the region’s hot spots where you will have the opportunity to see with your own eyes what is happening in the area. On December 4th we will fly back to Istanbul, where you can depart for home later that evening, or the next day, December 5th.

People come from different countries, so everyone will make their own way to Istanbul. From there, our very experienced BTJ Travel Coordinator will take care of food, transport and accommodation. Costs are to be confirmed. Please contact Belinda Chadwell for more information at belinda.btjtravel@gmail.com or submit an application form today.

We are looking forward to you joining us in November!

Testimony from a previous team member:
I always try to follow the news from the Middle East closely, but it is a very different story to go there yourself and meet people face to face. Several meetings touched me deeply and these people hold a place in my heart. We were impressed by the immense dedication of the fieldworkers as we watched them serve. Also, the meetings with Yazidi families left a strong impression. The war was still very much a present reality for them. Being in Iraq made me realise how closely the history of the country is connected to the Biblical narratives. The church has its roots in the apostolic times. We shared special moments with the local believers. The only drawback was that the trip was so short. Several of our group plan to return soon to strengthen relationships that were formed and see how we can further support them.

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