Thief Breaks into BTJ Missionary Family Home and Steals Annual Support

Prayers are needed for a BTJ missionary family that had their home broken into over the weekend and all of their financial support stolen.

BTJ missionaries are often living in extremely remote areas, preaching the Gospel to unreached tribes. Due to their rural location, professional banking services are often not available, meaning that their annual support has to be kept in their homes.

That was the situation for one missionary family that has been supported by BTJ in 2020. They had close to $3,000 USD hidden in their home. The family only uses about $300 to live on per month, so the $3,000 USD was almost their entire salary for the year. The money completely vanished over the weekend when a burglar smashed their way into the home while the missionary couple were away during the day.

“They took everything,” the missionary wrote via text message on Sunday. Due to Covid-19, BTJ does not have the resources to send additional funds to the missionary family at the moment.

“We are not worried for ourselves,” wrote the BTJ missionary. “We know that God will take care of all of our needs. We are just so sad that the money that our supporters have sent has been stolen.”

Hidden next to the money were BTJ electronic Bibles. It seems that the thief did not know what the Bibles were and they were left unharmed.

For security reasons, we cannot reveal any further information about the BTJ family, but all prayers are appreciated.

This has happened several times in other countries as well. Sometimes locals find out that BTJ missionaries from China have money hidden somewhere in their home. In Iraq for instance, refugees broke into a BTJ family home and stole all of the support that they had for the year. It has also happened in Iran and Sudan in the past.

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