There Is a Hole in the Sky Over China

A post has been circulating, called “The Sky Has a Hole in It”, that best describes the flooding that is ripping through China’s central Henan Province right now.

These stats are recorded by weather stations across the region.
The city of Zhengzhou recorded 201.9 mm of rain in 1 hour.
ON AVERAGE Zhengzhou gets 640.8 mm of rain in 1 year.
Zhengzhou saw 1/3 of their annual rain in 1 hour as they get in 1 year and more than their annual amount in the last three days.
How much water is 200mm of rain in a single hour?
Zhengzhou has an area of 7500km².
200mm x 7500 km² =1.5 cu km of water.
Lake Washington in Seattle has a volume of 3.5 cu km.
So, more than 1/3 of the water in Lake Washington was dumped on Zhengzhou in a single hour.
The sky has got a hole in it!
No city drainage system in the world is able to cope with that amount of water.

13 people are now confirmed dead, more than 100,000 people have been displaced and this looks to be the worst flood in 1,000 years in China.

Help has been pouring into BTJ from all over the world. After only a few hours, individual donors have sent a total of $5,891 USD, with each donor averaging $76.50 per donation.

Donations have come from (in no particular order):

Hong Kong
South Africa
Czech Republic

This morning, these funds were sent to China to help purchase food, blankets, and hygiene kits. Henan Province is the center of the Chinese underground house church revival and Christian partners of BTJ have already been mobilized to help.


Please consider a one time donation to this effort. A gift of $20 USD can provide one blanket, a five pound bag of rice, and hygiene products. You can donate now by clicking here:

Disaster Relief

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