The Word of God on the Front Lines in Ukraine

With the growing economic crisis, paper supply issues and international shipping becoming more difficult, we believe that now is the time to intensify the printing and distribution of the Bible. This year is the year of the Bible at BTJ and we are serious about it.

In April 2022, we learned of the huge need for the Scripture among millions of Ukrainian refugees fleeing from war. Our response was printing 34 000 modern translation, upscale quality, hard cover New Testaments. Most of them were sent to Ukraine, bringing the message of hope.

Because the New Testaments were made with a hard cover, BTJ was approached with the specific task of making a special edition – a camouflage cover for the Ukrainian soldiers. We loved that idea! Bringing the Word of God to soldiers, reaching them with the life-giving message before enemy bullets do. Just recently, we received a message from our Ukrainian friends that the first batch of the camouflage New Testaments were distributed among the wounded soldiers in one of the field hospitals – the Gospel was preached, lives were changed.

We have supported New Testaments to the refugee reception point and refugee help center, which are both run by a Christian mission organization in Poland. Refugees are often in tears when they are welcomed in Poland, not just with food and shelter, but with the Word of God.

Now, we are preparing another round of distribution – this time among Polish and Ukrainian believers who serve the refugees. We will supply believers with the New Testaments through our media contacts in Poland. Each believer will be given an opportunity to get a copy for free and then pass it on to our Ukrainian friends who decide to stay in Poland.

Let me say this again. For BTJ, this is the year of the Bible, and we will press on with bringing the scripture to the most dangerous areas and in the most innovative ways. Please pray for all those who dedicate their lives to provide the Word of God.

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