The Word “HAMAS” is in the Bible – and You Will Not Believe What It Says

There are some eschatologists who see a direct relationship between the current war between Israel and Gaza and end times, but what has been recently pointed out in our most recent podcast about HAMAS and end times will blow your mind.

HAMAS is the acronym used for the official name for the Islamic Resistance Movement, a political party in control in Gaza, but few people know that the Bible specifically talks about Hamas – by name – more than 60 times!

In fact, according to the Bible, Hamas led to the first great destruction of all mankind. In Gen 6:11, it says, “Now the earth was corrupt in God’s sight and was full of violence.” The Hebrew word for violence here is Hamas. Hamas in this sense means violence, evil, cruelty. It can even mean false witness.

If we replace the English word with the proper Hebrew word, Genesis 6:11-13 would read like this, “Now the earth was corrupt in God’s sight and was full of HAMAS. God saw how corrupt the earth had become, for all the people on earth had corrupted their ways. So God said to Noah, “I am going to put an end to all people, for the earth is filled with HAMAS because of them. I am surely going to destroy both them and the earth.”

While the text here in Genesis is clearly directed at the nature of the people prior to the flood, Biblical language is often symbolic and prophetic, having multiple purposes over time and throughout the generations of the world. It is not just transgenerational, but is transcultural, and has stood the test of time.

HAMAS has written in their own constitution that they are directly related to violence, as the Hebrew word indicates. In Article 8 of the HAMAS Charter it is written, – “Allah is its goal, the Prophet is the model, the Qur’an its constitution, jihad its path, and death for the sake of Allah is the loftiest of its wishes.”

We share in our latest podcast how the word ‘Hamas’ is not just found in Genesis, but is also written about by the Prophet Joel and he writes in a way where Hamas begins to really take on a modern day meaning.

The prophet Joel says in Chapter 3:

But Egypt will be desolate, Edom a desert waste, because of HAMAS done to the people of Judah,
in whose land they shed innocent blood. Judah will be inhabited forever and Jerusalem through all generations. Shall I leave their innocent blood unavenged? No, I will not.

Again, the modern day Hamas fills this prophecy of Joel. Their charter states, “Israel will exist and continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.”

The Psalmist also writes about Hamas in Psalms 140:

Rescue me, O LORD, from evil men; protect me from men of HAMAS violence, who devise evil plans in their hearts and stir up war every day. They make their tongues as sharp as a serpent’s; the poison of vipers is on their lips. Selah

Keep me, O LORD, from the hands of the wicked; protect me from men of HAMAS who plan to trip my feet. Proud men have hidden a snare for me; they have spread out the cords of their net and have set traps for me along my path. Selah

It is clear that the Bible has a lot to say about Hamas, but does it give us an indication on how Hamas is defeated?

We believe that the Bible is very clear how to defeat Hamas and we share the details in our latest podcast.

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Dr. Eugene Bach is a known trouble-maker with an active imagination and sinful past. He has a PhD, but is not a real doctor, so please do not call for him during a medical emergency on an airplane when someone is having a heart attack. Eugene started working for Back to Jerusalem in the year 2000 after a backroom deal involving Chinese spies, the NRA, Swiss bankers, and a small group of Apostolic Christians that only baptize in Jesus’ name. He spends most of his time in closed countries attempting to topple governments by proclaiming the name of Jesus and not taking showers. From time-to-time he pretends to be a writer. He is not good at it, but everyone around him tries to humor him.


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    What is the purpose of this? Another effort to justify the killing in Palestine? Israel is acting and doing everything contrary to Jesus’ teaching. We should have no part of it. We should instead be standing against this genocide and speaking for justice. Jesus said let the little children come unto me, but Israel is bombing these little children.

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