The Chinese underground house church has been taking huge risks to provide Biblical teaching to their children. In China, it is completely illegal to evangelize children under the age of 18. The Communist Party knows that children are key to China’s future. This has led to ‘moral classroom’ training to teach students from the age of three years old the basic tenets of Communism and Atheism.

This hostile environment that China has created in an attempt to prevent children seeking Christ has led to one of the most dynamic and impactful Sunday School training programs ever seen in modern day curriculums – DOVE.

DOVE was developed by the underground house church in China for the underground house church in China and its impact has been huge. Now, DOVE is available for Christian Sunday School teachers around the world exclusively through Back to Jerusalem.

DOVE has been used to train tens of thousands of illegal Sunday School teachers in China, as well as in Vietnam, Cambodia, Iran, Iraq, India, Norway, Finland and several other nations.

To Purchase and learn more about BTJ’s DOVE training materials used by the underground house church visit our web store.

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