The Significant Power of Worship & Prayer

Recently while serving in Iraq, the Lord reminded me of the significant power of our worship & prayer. I took a keyboard into the women’s safe house for ISIS survivors and began to play & sing in the kitchen by myself. My playing is very simple & sometimes doesn’t sound that great but I do it out of obedience to my Lord. While playing, one of the survivors came in and stood so close to me. I was surprised as it was like she was being drawn in by Holy Spirit and physically leaning into me. I was singing in English, so she couldn’t understand a word. I kept playing & singing over her…”break every chain, break every stronghold, do it now…there is freedom in this place.” She began to just weep and weep and then gave me a tight hug when I stopped playing. Our worship in Spirit & truth crosses all natural, cultural & language barriers like nothing else can…it’s supernatural!

Truly, in His presence is everything we need. Healing and deliverance is in His presence. You and I are filled with the healing power of Jesus to give out to the world. We are called to stand in the gap for people’s lives at times. Father sent me all the way across the world to battle for this woman’s life & healing. Yes, He is that kind of God! A relentlessly pursuing LOVE that will never give up on us. Be filled with courage today and let there be a YES in your heart to everything the Lord is calling you into.


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  1. Kimberly Lowe

    That was such a beautiful testimony and i pray the good Lord has many more of these ahead for you! Please continue to share them with us!

    Love, sister Kim


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