The Only Way to Measure Success In Ministry

According to every measuring stick that we use for success, Jesus did not measure up. He never had a degree, He wasn’t rich, He wasn’t popular, and He died a criminal’s death. By the measuring sticks of man, we would see Jesus’ life as a failure.

However, Eugene wants to talk to us about how Jesus succeeded. In fact, Eugene is so excited to share this message with us that he interrupted what he was doing to talk with us about what is going on in the Middle East.

What does success in ministry look like?

Success often has a selfish point of view where WE are exalted for being so obedient, but can we measure a successful ministry through man’s measurements? Listen to these thoughts and be prepared to hear questions that might make you uncomfortable.

You can find the podcast below:

Episode 656: The Only Way To Measure Success In Ministry

I am a Messianic Jewish believer that felt the tug of the L-rd towards the unreached. I decided I would go to China. My love for the Chinese people grew while I was there, but when I learned of the Back to Jerusalem movement, I knew the L-rd wanted me to be proclaiming His gospel message to the unreached people between China and Jerusalem. Let’s unite and complete the great commission. We need to accept the challenge Jesus has given us so that we can feel the exhilaration of victory.

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  1. Mary Ellen Gilvey

    Success is never measured by money or materialistic things. These are just “THINGS” God say people on Earth use “TO SHOW OFF” others what they perceive as “SUCCESS”. Success to GOD is having a family and children and doing an HONEST DAY’S WORK and having God “As the Center of your life and family and job.” He alawys was but this generation became Godless and God tells me that their possessions and materialistic things and money and sex and all the false idols they worship is their GOD today. Our Forefathers of America who fought to break away from British Colonial America and free the slaves and write and compose the Constitution and make our Laws and pass them all Loved and Believed in God and Obeyed him and listened to God and they read the Bible and even quoted scripture that included the Colonists and Soldiers that fought and Generals and Officers and Politicans and our Former Presidents and Vice Presidents all spoke to God and Our Constitution was written by God with them all where it even says (UNDER GOD and JUSTICE for ALL and LIBERTY and FREEDOM. That’s why we added God Bless America. God did in the 1800’s where the American Industrial Revolution was soaring and the first 3 Banks were establish and Mills were being built and factories where Americans began to prosper. I read a great book about this called Lincoln and the Fight for Peace by John Avlon and I just started another book called Capitolism in America by Alan Greenspan and another author where he too is talking about the Colonial times beginning with rhe American Revolution in the late 1700’s where I’m up to the Industrial Revolution and can’t wait to read the entire book. And I can’t wait to read another book I just bought called American Poison (How RACIAL Hostility Destroyed Our Promise) by Eduardo Porter. This book is so TRUE. Our Racism in America will never end because it’s all about RACE here. Everything is Race driven with getting things and JUSTICE and being ARRESTED. Right now I’m being horribly cyberbyllyied by a WHITE MAN who is a CIA employee and he has done disturbing bizarre violent and sexually perverted things to me even death threats and trying to kill me and recently an assassination threat and paying a Starbucks employee who put poison or drugs in my coffee and paying a girl in my building to burn it down leaving 2 ARSON THREATS and 14 months ago he tried to kill me in his helicopter ontop of my car as I was driving extremely angry because 2 hours earlier I wrote on CNN News FACEBOOK and posted about his cyberbullying me and revenge porning me and harrassing me and his death threats and he has been OBSTRUCTING MY JUSTICE in communicating with the Departmwnt of Justice particularly the Attorney General and Federal Prosecutors so he doesnt get caught and ARRESTED and PROSECUTED exactly like the FEDERAL PROSECUTORS did in 2018 with an Ex-CIA employee Josh Schulte for Child Porn and some data breech where they put him in PRISON for 130 Years but my Cyberbullyier also a CIA employee is the MOST IMPOSSIBLE WHITE MAN in the UNITED STATES and in the WORLD TO ARREST because he’s CIA. If he was a BLACK MAN they would have banged on his door 2 years ago and ARRESTED him in handcuffs and PROSECUTED HIM and he’d be sitting PRISON 2 years ago just like the other Josh above because my cyberbullyier also is named Josh. Josh Harmon. So we do have racial profiling of Black people in the United States who automatically get arrested and suspected merely because they are BLACK. I’m with all you Black Men and Women in America on this alone. This WHITE MAN sits in Langley Virgina getting away with it immune and untouchable. Plus if I lived in any other Nation in the World the first day the Law Enforcement learned about my case they would have ARRESTED this WHITE MAN regardless of where he works or his title. Scotland Yard a year ago the first day they knew the WHITE POLICE OFFICER murdered the 33 year old woman they ARRESTED him immediately and charged him with murder. They didn’t say (Oh he’s a Police Officer let him go we can’t possibly arrest him). This is how the CIA operates with all their employees, they hide the crimes they commit and handle it internally except for Josh Schulte above. The Inspector General on December 2, 2021 fired 10 CIA Men for having sex with 2 year old and 6 year old girls for years and back lash said why aren’t they PROSECUTED and the story was hidden in obscure News sites. My story too is hidden in the News because mine is a huge scandal and cover up. The CIA also sold 200,000 Nepalian girls in sex slave operations and human trafficking rings and Prostituted them even murdered them and another story in the News said they sell them in Pedophile Rings around the World that explains why they are hiding Jeffrey Eosteins list and Ghesille’s list because they are probably involved in it covering up all the names that were supposed to be exposed when Jeffery was arrested then Ghessile where those names never came out in her trail except for Prince Andrew where Queen Elizabeth took away all his titles. This is the only Federal Government Agency that operates this way using Federal Taxpayers Money where they do this and even have a hit list of people they assassinate they don’t like. I read it on Google and other search engines They hire an assassin to kill people and World Leaders. One scandal on the Internet was the assassination of John. F. Kennedy because he wanted to dismantle the CIA in 1963. It was all over the internet including Wikipedia but my cyberbullyier removed it. My cyber bullier a month ago put an assassination threat on my cell phone screen showing me the salary they pay an assassin to assassinate someone threatening me. Can you imagine if any of these Federal Government Agencies below operated like this above and having a HIT LIST to ASSASSINATE people Ike Unempmoyment and the Federal Drug and Food Administration and the Federal National Park System and Social Security and the Federal Security and Exchange Commission and all the other Federal Government Agencies running and operating like the CIA does using Federal Government Taxpayers Money. No way they don’t. Only the CIA.


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