The New BTJ Hologram-Bible

Twenty-first century missions are changing and the need to get the Gospel into the most unreached areas of the world has never been greater.

Many nations aggressively attacking Christians are using the latest technology and surveillance techniques in order to stop the growth of Christianity and the distribution of Christian materials. Many of the nations between China and Jerusalem (such as Saudi Arabia, Kazakstan, Iran, and North Korea) are using modern technology to keep the borders sealed tight and prevent the Gospel message from coming in.

Because of increasing challenges in closed nations, we have developed the ultimate tool to put the Bible in the hands of those that need it. After investing in hours of research and development, BTJ now has a tool that is changing the game forever.

In the last couple of years, the Lord has given us ideas and given us dreams of how to reach people in ways that have never been done before. Those are not just dreams. The R&D team has helped to make those dreams a reality. Today, the BTJ R&D team has effectively developed new electronic items that have never been seen before.

These new devices are developed in secret and are not openly advertised with pictures or videos, so that they can be smuggled into closed countries. It is very hard for custom agents to stop items from coming into their country if they do not know what they are.

As an example, we have developed an e-bible for North Korea that can last for 7 years without changing or charging the battery. There is nothing on the consumer market like this at all. The e-bible does not look like a Bible and has extra security measures to keep content unseen unless the correct password is entered.

Another item that we have used is a personal pocket sized Wi-Fi device that allows phones, tablets, and laptops to download the Bible, Christian movies, and music. The device does not connect the user to the Internet, but only to a secure library that is full of evangelical items in their own language.

In Iran, where we have been using it, it is impossible for the government to restrict it or to block the Christian content.

Our newest tool is like nothing ever seen before and is sure to be a blessing to people throughout the 10/40 window.

We are excited to introduce you to our brand new Hologram-Bible. It is an extremely small Bible that is the size of a penny and projects the entire Bible into the air in front of you. The Hologram-Bible does not need batteries or to be plugged in. It produces its own power.

Sounds to be good to be true? Believe it!

The Hologram-Bible is unlike anything that we have ever seen before and is the perfect tool to get God’s Word into the hands of those that are living in extreme persecuted areas.

The development of the Hologram-Bible has been extraordinary; therefore we believe that the destinations for the Hologram-Bible cannot be ordinary. The first two primary destinations of the Hologram-Bible is ISIS-controlled areas and the gulags of North Korea.

At BTJ, we believe that the creativity that God has given to His people is necessary to take the Gospel message into the areas of the world that have never heard His name.

27 thoughts on “The New BTJ Hologram-Bible”

    1. Unfortunately no. Due to the sensitivity of the situations this will be used in, we do not want to reveal all the details about it. This could put people using it at risk. Maybe sometime in the future.

    1. Unfortunately these are not for sale. Because they are going to closed countries we need to keep the exact look of these hidden or they will be easily recognized by those we hope to keep them hidden from.

  1. I’ve contributed to the holographic Bible and would consider giving more, but I’m beginning to get leery of the whole project as advertised.. Please show it actually in use, not artist’s conceptions and vague descriptions.

    1. We would love to post actual images and video of it in use, but by doing so will put everyone at risk who are receiving them. These Bibles are going into closed countries where if caught people could lose their lives. If we publish actual pictures, officials will know exactly what to look for so most of them will never even make it into the country, and those that do will be much easier to find. I have personally seen and used one of these Bibles and am excited about the potential it has to put the word of God into the hands of those in closed countries.

  2. You show this idea to the world and then say you can’t show it to Anyone? And ask for Support? There are a lot of scams on the market

    1. Hi Lisa, we understand your suspicions, as we are well aware of all the scams out there. However, I hope you can understand our situation. This Bible is going to be used in countries like North Korea where anyone caught with it could be imprisoned or executed. As much as we would love to share the exact images of this Bible to all our supporters, it is our duty to protect those who will be using it. If we make images of this and other devices we use available to the public and it fell into the wrong hands, it would put the whole operation at risk, a risk we are not willing to take. Border patrol would know exactly what to look for when it came across boarders and street police would recognize the device if they saw anyone with it in public. I trust you understand the situation we are in, and prayerfully consider if you want to be a part of it. If you choose not to, we fully understand, there are so many places and causes that can be supported and we each need to be comfertable with where our gifts are going. Many Blessings, Will

  3. It is simply a matter of time before they strip search someone with one or more of these devices and all your secrecy will be meaningless. When that happens, then I would expect your secrecy to expire.

    1. For the sake of those who desperately seek the word of God it is our hope and prayer that this does not happed. We humbly ask you to join us in this prayer. The lives of so many could be touched through this project!

  4. It does not seem reasonable that you cannot show exactly how it works. You are advertising it as a “pill sized” Bible that illuminates the air with the Word of God but you cannot show that to anyone. If the enemies of God knows it exist, they do not need to know how it works to look for it.

    1. Hi Ken, we actually have shown it to many people, we just can not post it publicly. We just completed a two week tour in churches in the south eastern USA where we took it along and showed it to many people. I personally presented it to most of the pastors before the tour and left them hold it and operate it. What we do not allow is for people to photograph or video it and then post it for the world to see.
      Many Blessings,

  5. We are with you, and praying for the work that you put for the kingdom’s sake. God bless you and continue giving you more other ideas to continue sharing the word of God to the people that are waiting for many years to hear the word. Thanks you all.

  6. Praise the Lord for giving wisdom and strategies to His people for using today’s technology for His glory!! From Star Wars to the spiritual kingdom wars of this age!!! I pray for hearts with eyes to see as He sees, that will seek and do the Father’s will. Abundant blessings!!! Rev 12:11

  7. I choose to speak LIFE over this endeavor and ask God to send forth legions of angels to watch over, guide and protect the production and distribution of every one of these previous holograph Bibles. We bind and FORBID enemy interference in JESUS’S name!!! May these precious devices be used to GREATLY strengthen and grow the Kingdom of God – in the holy name of Jesus Christ.

  8. Personally I find it exciting for technology to be put to use for YHVH’s Kingdom. The ability to get the Word into closed countries that the adversary has locked down is awesome. Blessings to BTJ and this endeavor in Yeshua’s name.

  9. To those that are complaining about not getting to see it: where is your faith?

    Jesus said to him, “Because you have seen Me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” John 20: 29

    Don’t let pride blind you from faith.

  10. Marshall Bueckert

    Sorry but this is a complete hoax. Kind of like the old snake oil sales men of the old west. Lots of bull very little truth. Go on the web and look up where holographic technologies is today and you’ll see this is snake oil.

    I kinda feel sorry for these people because in the end there debt will be collected and it won’t be pleasant.

  11. Hi,

    My understanding was that such holographic technology was not yet there for such a device. Without commenting on how it functions, could you perhaps elaborate on what sort of technology you are using? This would satisfy many curious minds as to whether this is legit and worthy of financial support. Many thanks.

      1. Hi Will, I saw a post on Eugene’s FB regarding the newest technology. Thank God for sharp minds to keep a step ahead of the enemy. I understand the sensitivity of the matter and would never want anyone to be in danger by exposing too much info, however at what point in time do you anticipate that some of this technology or hologram bibles are available for purchase? Do you believe it to be years from now? Maybe one day we all need a copy of it….. Thank you.

        1. Hi Sarah, We do share some of these with other organizations and individuals to use in ministry, once we get to know them. I do not know that we will ever have them available for sale to the general public. If we did, any government could purchase or view them and know exactly what they are looking for when they are brought into closed countries. We wish we could share them more and put them in our store, but the risk for those receiving them in closed countries is just too high. Thank you for your understanding.

  12. Faith comes by what, blindness? No, it comes by hearing of The Word. The Word comes from God, not man. Blind faith isn’t in scripture, but “the heart is deceitful above all things” is. Without proof we cannot simply trust man because he says something is true – even what our pastors say. No human is God except Jesus, and any truly honest pastor will admit they’ve made mistakes in the pulpit and that those they shepherd should be reading scripture for themselves for proof and reproof of their teachings – and they should come to the pastor if something does not appear correct.

    1. In the case of BTJ’s pill bible I am still highly skeptical to the point of suspicion – especially since I have followed holographic technological advances for some time now, and a breakthrough of this magnitude, much less with this miniaturization has not been made and cannot be made without significant investment in research and tooling.
      Unfortunately, replies of “I’ve seen it” by those working with BTJ don’t carry much weight, and “sorry for security reasons we can’t prove this technology really works so you’ll have to trust us” is only fanning the fires of mistrust.
      I would also ask if the one on display at the passion play is functional and being demoed, or if it is merely a static display of a plastic “bean”. If it is the latter, it proves nothing and I am even less inclined to support the project.

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