The Need Continues in Turkey and Syria

It has been almost one month since the devastating earthquake hit Turkey and Syria on February 6th. As news cycles change and reports slow down, there are still many working on the ground dealing with the very real consequences of the tragedy.

Homes are destroyed, family members have been lost, and people are dealing with injuries from both the earthquake and the challenging living conditions. In many places, there are no working toilets and no hot water. The temperature during the day is getting warmer, but the nights can be freezing – winter time in Turkey and Syria can be brutal and immediate aid is needed.

BTJ is working in several ways on the ground in both Turkey and Syria. One of our partners is working with a medical team to meet the immediate needs of the people. They reported yesterday, “Having experienced multiple earthquakes and aftershocks since arrival, we stay and work outdoors in tents, away from the buildings. Clinic days are busy and long, they don’t really stop as my tent is just behind the clinic tent and patients can arrive at any time.”

Our partner added, “Families and locals live on site. Surrounding buildings are unsafe and derelict. There are many children and the Turkish people are so kind and grateful.”

BTJ is still providing emergency support where the need is the greatest on the ground. Your help can make all the difference. For this month, 100% of all humanitarian aid that is donated will provide immediate aid to Turkey and Syria.

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