The Middle East is heating up; an emergency prayer guide

Many people are glued to their screens, following developments in Iran and surrounding nations. For Christians every crisis is a call to prayer. We have the privilege of interceding for the world with the God who holds all nations in His hands. Below is a guide with some suggestions.

  1. Pray that political leaders, military leaders and media will exercise restraint, make every effort to prevent war and do what they can to protect the innocent.
  2. Pray that our many underground brothers and sisters in Iran will respond with wisdom and know the peace of God that passes understanding.
  3. Pray for all those in the region already traumatized by war. Pray for God’s mercy on the children in particular.
  4. Pray that the Iranian regime that has damaged the nation and its people for so long will be replaced by a government that will pursue freedom and peace for the Iranians and the region
  5. Pray for the protection of the people of Israel. They are already on high alert and expecting strikes.
  6. Pray for all missionaries working in Iran and Iraq, for their protection, courage and wisdom to offer hope in this situation.
  7. Pray for BtJ partners in the region. That their light will shine brightly.
  8. Pray God will use this crisis to draw people to himself.

‘May Your name be glorified, may Your Kingdom come, may Your will be done in Iran and all throughout the Middle East’

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  1. thi-lau

    hi ! I read through the site and could not find the 30 days prayer guide for Syria :-/ Can you help me with that ?
    Thanks and blessings

    1. Will

      They are all in the articles section of the web, so if you scroll to the bottom of the home page and under the last article click on All Articles they are between pages 2-5. To start on day one you can just go here: and work your way forward.

  2. thi-lau

    P.S. the golden image with a man with headscarf, kneeling, is inverted right/left…


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