The Heavenly Man, Brother Yun, Remembers the Greatest Challenge of His Life

Brother Yun, also known as The Heavenly Man, has seen hard times as a Christian leader in China. With over 50 years of ministry, Brother Yun has been hunted by the police, arrested, beaten, tortured, and miraculously survived after 74 days with no food and no water.

Remembering back to all of the persecution that he endured, he opened up and shared about one of the hardest times that he can think of. “One of the toughest challenges for me,” he says in a recent video, “was whether or not I would give up my faith so I could stay home.”


The Chinese police promised Brother Yun that he could simply return home and “stay with his wife, take care of his parents, and raise his children” if he would only renounce his belief in Jesus Christ.

“I had to choose one or the other,” Brother Yun remembers. “In the moment of this great test, I was so grateful for the Holy Spirit! It was the Holy Spirit that helped me make the right choice.”

Brother Yun’s testimony can be found in his autobiography, The Heavenly Man.  Click below to learn more:



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