The Greatest Christmas Gift – Sharing Jesus with Muslims

This Christmas, BTJ is launching an evangelism effort in a Middle Eastern Country. “We are taking this opportunity to share about Jesus with Muslim families,” one BTJ missionary said this week, during a private interview.

BTJ missionaries often use the final two weeks of the year as a special time to minister in closed countries, because many cultures are open to the idea of Christmas. Christmas has been used to bring the message to unreached people groups for generations.

Even in Communist China, Christmas has been widely accepted and celebrated. Starting in early 2000, BTJ traveled from school to school in rural western China, openly handing out Christmas gifts together with government officials and sharing about the birth of Jesus Christ with minority children for the very first time.  Entire families came to Christ through these efforts.

It is highly unlikely that Jesus was born on December 25th, but like BTJ missionaries in Muslim countries today, early Christians in northern Europe used the special time of pagan celebrations to introduce Jesus to the unreached tribes.

“So many Muslims in large cities acknowledge the Christmas holiday in their shopping malls and grocery stores, but do not know the meaning,” Adam said (not his real name). “So we use this time to share about the meaning behind the name ‘Christ-mas’ and tell them about the birth of Jesus.”  Adam and his family have been living and serving in a Muslim country for more than four years.  They have seen first-hand the impact that the simple Christmas message can have on a Muslim family.

BTJ had a private meeting this week with Adam and his team in an undisclosed Muslim nation. In the lobby of the hotel where the meeting took place was a large Christmas tree, giving credence to Adam’s idea that the Christmas season is a great time to share the love of Christ and introduce Muslims to the greatest gift ever given.  BTJ is financially supporting Adam’s efforts to give special gifts to families.

2 thoughts on “The Greatest Christmas Gift – Sharing Jesus with Muslims”

  1. Christmas is not about the Gifts and giving lavish presents so lavish your head would spin. It’s about the Birth of Our Savior Jesus Christ that’s all. No one in the World ever exchanged gifts ever but in the past 70 years it became a mad Frenzie gift buying giving and exchanging circus. Now the Christmas displays are out in September but mostly in October for many. Today it is ludicrous. I’m so elated Muslims will be celebrating Jesus this Christmas. God Bless all Arab Christians and Islamic Muslims. Messianic Jews and Jews for Jes too. What’s another thing so disturbing about the gift giving and exchanging at Christmas all these Evil, AntiChrist, Satanic and Witches and Warlocks and Atheists will be getting Christmas Presents this year and every year solely to get a gift and they are ALL HIPPOCRITES and LIARS and BLASPHEMEING GOD JESUS CHRIST and GOD the ALMIGHTY CREATOR of ALL MANKIND call them this. It’s a MASSIVE ABONIMATION to the ALMIGHTY GOD. It’s also a MOCKERY on JESUS who Christmas is ALL ABOUT. Listen to a great Alternative Rock Song called HEAVY DIRTY SOUL by the Rock Band 21 PILOTS.

  2. There is like a little hidden Gospel in the Quran if you put the right verses together. Its like a secret message from God inside their book what we can use:

    The Quran is the confirmation of what came before it. (Surah 10:37)
    If you are in doubt about what God has sent down to you as revelation, ask those who have read the Scriptures before you. (S10:94)
    Dispute not with (the Jews and the Christians) the people of the Book. (S29:46)
    You are based on nothing until you read the Torah and the Gospel. (S5:68)
    Those to whom God gave the Scriptures know that it was sent down from your Lord with the truth. (S6:114)
    There is no one who can change God’s words. (S6:34)
    Perfect is the word of your Lord in truth and righteousness.
    There is no one who can change His words. (S6:115)
    Say: “We believe in God and in what has been revealed to us, and what was revealed to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob and the tribes (of Israel), and what was given to Moses and Jesus, and what was given to the prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction between them, and to Him we are devoted.” (S2:136)
    Who listen to everything that is said and follow only the best that leads to God. These are those who are guided by God. (S39:18)

    God sent down the Torah in which is guidance and light. (S5:44)
    God indeed gave Moses the Book and sent messengers to follow in his footsteps. (S2:87)
    God assigned a real abode to the children of Israel and provided them with good things. (S10:93) and God made a covenant with the children of Israel and sent messengers to them. Whenever a messenger came to them with something they were not inclined to do, they accused him of lying or killed him. (S5:70)
    After their prophets, God did send Jesus, Mary’s son, who confirmed the Torah what was revealed before him. To him God gave the Gospel, which contains guidance and light and confirmed the truth of the existing Torah. (S5:46)

    The angels said: «O Mary, God has chosen you and purified you and chosen you from among the women of all nations. O Mary, obey your Lord, submit yourself to him and worship with the worshipers. (S3:42-43)
    Mary said: “How shall I be given a boy when no human being has touched me?” Your Lord says: “I can do everything, and I will make Him as a sign for mankind and for my mercy.” .(S19:20-21)
    As the angels said: “O Mary, God gives you glad tidings by a word from Him:
    His name shall be Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, honored in this world and in the coming world.” (S3:45) So she received him and fled with him to a place far away. (S19:22)
    God filled her with His Spirit and made her and her son to a sign for this world. (S21:91)

    God sent Jesus, the son of Mary, to fulfill what was written in the Torah before him; and God gave him the Gospel, in which was guidance and light, for the fulfillment of what is in the Torah. (S5:46)
    God gave him his Gospel. And in the hearts of those who followed him, God put kindness and mercy. However, the monasticism that they invented was not prescribed by God for them. (S57:27) They have taken their scribes and monks as lords alongside God. (S9:31) If they only obeyed the Torah and the Gospel and what was revealed to them (as revelation) from their Lord, verily all good things would come to them. (S5:66)

    His name is Jesus the Messiah. (S3:45)
    Jesus the son of Mary is the Word of God and His Messenger. (S4:171)
    Jesus healed the blind and the lepers; and raised the dead at God’s command. But the hearts of the children of Israel were hardened when He came to them with clear signs, but the unbelievers among them said, “This is nothing but a manifest deception.” (S5:110)
    God inspired the disciples: “Believe in Me and in My messengers!” (S5:111)
    O you who believe, be God’s helpers, as Jesus son of Mary said to the disciples: “Who are my helpers for God?” The disciples said: “We are God’s helpers.” So a part of the children of Israel believed, while a part remained unbelieving. (S61:14)

    (Jesus the Messiah speaks:)
    Peace be upon me the day I was born, and the day I die, and the day I am raised again to life. (S19:33)
    So fear God and obey me! (S3:50)
    Jesus, the son of Mary. He is the word of truth, which they doubt.(S19:34)
    God said: «O Jesus, I will make you die and lift you up to Me and will set those who follow you above those who disbelieve, until the Day of Resurrection. (S3:55)
    The day when the earth will be changed into another earth, and also the heavens will be changed; and they shall all come before God, the One, the Almighty. (14:48) And they did not give God the credit that belongs to Him. And on the Day of Resurrection all the earth will be in His hands, and the heavens will be rolled up in His right hand. (39:67) Surely whoever comes to his Lord in a state of sin, for him is hell; In hell he shall neither die nor live. (S20:74-76)

    But didn’t He find you lost and guided you? (93:1)
    You are not based on anything until you obey the Torah and the Gospel and what has been revealed to you (as revelation) from your Lord beforehand. (S5:68)
    Those to whom God gave the Scriptures know that it was sent down from your Lord with the truth. (S6:114)
    There is no one who can change God’s words. (S6:34)
    There is no alteration to the words of God. (S10:64)
    Perfect is the word of your Lord in truth and righteousness.
    There is no one who can change His words.
    And He is the All-Hearing and All-Knowing. (S6:115)
    Believe in God and in the Scriptures that He sent down before! (S4:236)
    Rely on the Almighty (26:217)
    the All-Forgiving, the All-Merciful (S41:32)
    HE is The All Forgiving, The Most Loving. (S58:14)
    God is full of love and forgiveness. (S85:14)

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