The ‘Gender Equality’ Movement We See Today Began Long Ago in CHINA

Bethany Hope, the BTJ UK Director, went to see the smash hit movie, BARBIE, with a friend, expecting to enjoy a fun, wholesome, and simple movie. However, the first scene made her realize that this movie was going to be quite different from her expectations. Instead, the movie explores an overarching theme of a world dominated by an oppressive “patriarchy,” where powerful and privileged males subjugate underprivileged females vs an ‘ideal’ where the world is run by a matriarchy.

How many little girls are being influenced by this movie to think that men are merely accessories with no real value? Eugene points out that this movie reflects the current times. However, he also agrees with Solomon in Ecclesiastes 1:9, who said, “…what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” To avoid repeating our mistakes, it is important to learn from world history.

The film appears to promote a feminist message that empowers women. However, it is important to consider the similarities between this message and the one promoted by Mao Zedong.

Learn how sparrows were hated in China and Mao tried to have humans “fix” something he thought was wrong with the natural world order, only to face unexpected consequences that ultimately led to starvation. But how do we find equality? We find equality by discovering our true identity in the eyes of our creator. Let us not succumb to the pressure to set aside how God has made us. Instead, let us learn how to embrace and unleash the woman and man that God has created us to be.

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Episode 696: Barbie And Gender Equality Lessons From China

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