The Day the North Korean Leader Cried

Things have never been more difficult in North Korea. The leadership is really suffering under the new sanctions enforced by the USA. For proof, look no further than a video of the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un crying about his country’s terrible economy while surveying its coast.

Japan’s Asahi Shinbun quoted a defector with contacts inside the country as describing a video in which a narrator explains Kim is crying that he cannot improve North Korea’s economy.

The video surfaced in April when many people around the world joined BTJ to pray for the softening of the heart of the North Korean leadership.

After the 30 days of prayer in April, BTJ reported about many miracles that took place. Among them were the destruction of the nuclear testing facility, the meeting between the leaders of North Korea and South Korea, and the agreed-upon meeting between the US president and Kim Jong Un.

On May 24th, President Trump called off the meeting between him and Kim that was to take place in June. Immediately, on the same day, North Korea’s spokesman said that they were willing to meet with the US at anytime. “We express our willingness to sit down face-to-face with the U.S. and resolve issues anytime and in any format,” said the North Korean Vice Foreign Minister Kim Kye Gwan.

Roughly translated, this is the diplomatic equivalent of groveling.

The population is starving to death, and the pain is now reaching the top-level leaders. Last month, the top cadre was only given enough rations to live for 20 days. This month, they have been given nothing.

Top level cadre are not getting any help from China. They appealed to diplomats from Russia, however they were also of no use.

North Korea has nowhere to turn and their policy of Juche – self-reliance – has utterly failed.

Last week a North Korea soldier was found dead on a train – from starvation. He was released to go home to find food. According to eye witnesses, he boarded the train seriously malnourished, but hopeful to return home. He was on the train for two days and died of starvation before he arrived.

After President Trump canceled the Singaporean Summit in June, Kim Jong Un did everything that he could to get it back on. He even publicly criticized his own diplomats the next day and blamed everything on them, calling them to ‘take the leadership role in a sincere and practical manner in negotiations for the US-DPRK summit that are in line with the demands of this current, rapidly changing period,’” said a Daily NK source in Pyongyang on May 29 with knowledge of the document.

This week, BTJ started one of the largest projects that we have ever done in North Korea. The details of the project cannot be released because of security, but the project will be able to reach the entire nation with the Gospel message.

This project is solely supported by Back to Jerusalem GateKeepers. If you would like to join the North Korean efforts, please click here and consider being a GateKeeper.


2 thoughts on “The Day the North Korean Leader Cried”

  1. Jennifer Leigh Strout

    This photo and video was from his father’s funeral. Be careful where you receive your information and check your sources. God bless you~

    1. We stand by our story. Unlike other news sources, our sources and reports come from directly inside the country. Currently as we write this, we have 16 people inside North Korea providing direct reports on a daily basis. The photo that we used is NOT from inside and we ONLY used it for reference, but the story about the alleged video (that is not pictured and is not mentioned to be pictured) is from a quoted defector to Japan that has seen the video of Kim crying. The video is being reported from various sources including our own and we stand by it. We have heard the same thing about a video inside of North Korea of Kim Jong Un surveying the countryside and crying. This story has been confirmed by all the major news sources in Asia including by Reuters, KNCA, Straight Times

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