One of our most popular products in the BTJ store is our BTJ SMUGGLERS HAT, so much so, that it has been sold out for several months!

Now, it’s back.

The BTJ smugglers hat is an exclusive BTJ item that has four secret pockets inside for stashing cash, ID, credit cards, or anything else you can think of. This is the same hat that several BTJ staff members now wear when they travel to closed countries. It is perfect for hiding a hotel room key or a few extra dollars in emergency money.

The hats are made with our partners in Vietnam and all the proceeds from the BTJ smugglers hat go directly to the mission field.

Have you ever wondered what the BTJ logo, embroidered on the front of this hat, actually means? It actually has a triple meaning. The BTJ logo is the first Chinese character in the phrase “Back to Jerusalem.” Not many people know that the logo on the front of the hat means “to return back”. The logo is made up of two characters; the first meaning a gate and the second meaning a wall. This has a powerful meaning for BTJ – the vision is to preach the Gospel to all the world to fulfill the Great Commission and see the Messiah return through the Eastern Gate in Jerusalem.

In China, the BTJ logo also has another special meaning. The Chinese character is also used to refer to the Hui people – or Muslims. The main corridor of nations between China and Jerusalem is made up of Muslims.

So, when you wear the BTJ smuggler’s hat, you are both wearing the vision and supporting the vision. As you wear this hat, remember to pray for our brothers and sisters in closed countries who put their lives on the line to smuggle God’s word into closed countries.

You can get your very own BTJ Smugglers Hat below:

BTJ Smuggler Hat *New and Improved!


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