The Amazing Testimony of the Son of The Heavenly Man

Most people have heard the testimony of Brother Yun, The Heavenly Man, but not everyone has heard the testimony of his son, Isaac Liu.

Very early into the marriage of Brother Yun and his wife, Deling, Brother Yun was arrested and put in prison for 5 years. Deling was pregnant and 7 months into the pregnancy, the police showed up at her door. They informed her that in 2 days she must report to the hospital and abort the child inside of her. She pleaded to know why this demand was being made. The police told her that the father of the child was a preacher in prison and therefore the child must be aborted.

Doing the only thing she knew how, she prayed, “God, you are the gift-giver and this child belongs to you. Please do not let this child die.”

One day before the scheduled abortion, Isaac was born, weighing only 1.2kg.

38 years later, Isaac travels around the world as a testimony to the faithfulness of God. Hear Isaac’s entire testimony below:

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