Tea lovers, listen up!

Do you love tea? Do you want to support ethical business practises? And do you love your persecuted brothers and sisters? Then this could be important for you!

Storehouse Tea is a social enterprise based in Ohio. They blend and sell organic, fair trade teas and use their business to strengthen low-income and immigrant communities. As well as producing high-quality specialty teas and providing people at home and abroad with a fair income, they are also long-term supporters of Back to Jerusalem.

Their ‘Schoolhouse’ line of teas is sold to support our work. For every box that is purchased, $5 will go to the Martyrs Scholarship Fund, which Back to Jerusalem set up to help pastors in China send their children to school.

These pastors are often faced with high fines, loose their jobs or homes, or are banned from travelling. All this makes it difficult to provide education for their children. Some are arrested and cannot provide for their families at all. The Martyrs Scholarship Fund helps children of those pastors which are directly affected by persecution to complete their education. We realise that investing in these children and young people, is investing in God’s kingdom. Many go on to be missionaries themselves.

So, if you love a good tea, and want to support these pastors’ children in the process, please check out this website. You can also get a three- or six-month tea subscription, so you don’t have to worry about running out!

Tea was China’s gift to the world. By choosing Schoolhouse tea, you can give back to China.


  1. Karen Kruse

    I especially like my tea hot steeped gor 20 minutes to get best benefits. However I really enjoyed your coldnrewd raspberry tea iced. Delicious either way.


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