ISIS Bible Project


There is only one answer for those that are in ISIS controlled areas and it is the love of Christ found in His Word. That is why BTJ is taking Bibles into the heart of ISIS territory.

We will deliver Bibles through airdrops to provide God’s Word to those that are living in the darkness of spiritual slavery. The Bibles are a unique e-Bible design created by BTJ partners specifically for closed countries. The BTJ e-Bibles cannot be purchased anywhere else in the world and have been designed specifically so that they can be read with ease and will not require any battery changes or battery charging for 5-7 years.

It is our hope to pass on the hope and love of the Christian Gospel to the people living in ISIS controlled areas.

The cost of each Bible is $16 and for a limited time, any donation to this project of $16 or more, will receive a link to download Back to Jerusalem’s newest book, Genocide in the Desert. An email address must be provided to receive this offer.


  1. alina iliescu

    I made a donation of 200 $. I would like to have the link of your book.
    Thank you very much

    1. Will

      We received your donation, and the link will be sent to you as soon as our staff processes your donation. Thank you so much for your donation and support of BTJ

  2. john

    “Bibles not bombs”, Amen! Like one of ISIS leaders stated on YouTube some months ago:”they will never defeat us with rockets or bombs. The ONLY way we will be defeated is by taking the koran out of our hearts ! (Augustin once said:”If it’s Truth it’s from the Holy Spirit !!! Hey, if GOD can use a donkey HE can sure use an ISIS leader to let us know HIS Will)
    And that’s GOD’S job !!! Salvation is from the LORD ! HE opens blind eyes and deaf ears, HE mends the broken-hearted, HE sets the captives free as we BELIEVERS stand in the gap praying & interceding with our brothers & sisters in the Underground House Church in China, Nth. Korea & the middle east . Hey guys, “the eyes not seen nor the ear heard the things I have planned for YOU !!!” (the Aussie paraphrase is: “we ain’t seen nuthin’ yet !!!) I thank the LORD for blessing you all for “choosing to do what’s best for others so that MANY may be SAVED !!!”
    John Maier 🙂


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