Bibles In North Korea


With so much in the news, and so many countries turning against North Korea, the needs both physical and spiritually are great. We are focusing on reaching out, with the hope of Jesus Christ, and providing more Bibles for North Korea!

As you know, our fund raising campaign will need to support full cost of producing and moving these Bibles. The Bibles cost $15 USD per unit which includes all of the costs of production, transportation, assistance, and distribution.

We cannot thank you enough for your generous support in this effort for bringing the Gospel into the harsh climate of North Korea!


  1. Nancy Hayhurst

    Prayer will accomplish God’s will in His time. I am praying for you.

    1. Eugene

      Thank you so much Nancy

      1. Matthew

        Hey Eugene, is there any way to donate through Pay Pal?

      2. Mom

        I work with a north Korean. She has a very giving personality.

  2. Brenda Whitmer

    God will accomplish what He desires through His people and bring glory to His name!

  3. Jane DiCola

    I love your ministry! I read the Heavenly Man and saw Brother Yun and Eugene several years ago in Lancaster County, PA. I am so excited to contribute to the Bibles for North Korea project. Any books about Iran, Iraq or North Korea would be awesome (Christians serving in these areas). Blessings, Jane

  4. Deborah Jahng

    Pray that the,gospel of Jesus Christ reach to the ends of the earth. Come Lord Jesus!

  5. Jeralynn Kozak

    Hi, may God provide and protect you all and, most of all, further the gospel of Jesus to these unreached people.

  6. Brigitte Whipple

    God will do much in this N Korean land. He will bring the orange juice and the milk. He will provide the bowels. Groups of Korean young men will ask to be born again and they will help. It will be fruitful. It will be a mission a great mission always great because God is in this.

  7. H. Eberhard (Eb) Roel;l

    Much as I admire your commitment and daring, I must ask why whole Bibles when it is the Christian Scriptures that count? They are to the point of our message, they are less bulky and easier to ship, and should cost much less no matter the deal you may get for a whole Bible. God bless and keep you. I’ll be praying for that dangerous mission.

  8. Tim Bauer

    I see that this was for April/May 2016. Are you still collecting for North Korea?

    1. Will

      Yes, we are still currently collecting for Bibles for North Korea.

  9. Pat

    Yes, God is faithful! Instead of dropping bombs and war alerts in these Bible-remote areas, we should drop down Bibles so that the people of this nation know what a great God we have. This way we will be dropping the Gospel in a good way!! God is good, and His spirit lives on in us forever!


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