SUPPORT MISSIONS with BTJ Nordic Christmas Ornaments Made by Underprivileged Women

Make your Christmas even more meaningful by adorning your home with handmade decorations from the mission field. BTJ Christmas decorations are all handmade at our Back to Jerusalem missionary training center by underprivileged women. All of the designs are carefully crafted with a special rustic Nordic design and made in a Scandinavian style.

Below is a picture of several BTJ tree skirts.

When you purchase BTJ Christmas ornaments, you are helping provide for underprivileged women in Asia. 100% of all proceeds from BTJ Christmas ornaments go to supporting missions!


One day last year, while traveling to the BTJ training center in an undisclosed country in Asia, I visited a fellow missionary from Norway working at a pregnancy crisis center. The pregnancy crisis center provides services to women who are pregnant with nowhere to go. BTJ missionaries from China volunteer at the orphanage and the clinic located on the crisis pregnancy crisis center compound.

[Above are handmade BTJ tree ornaments]

Many of the impoverished women in the area suffer from unimaginable abuse, poverty, and abandonment, so the Norwegian missionary concentrated on providing skills to help the indigenous women gain independent employment. When I saw their unique skills and amazing products, I proposed the idea of making the products available to BTJ supporters for Christmas.

They loved it!

Immediately they began making some of the most beautiful Scandinavian Christmas ornaments, tree skirts, and decorations we have ever seen. BTJ staff members flew to Asia to visit the BTJ training center and spend time with the women making the products. They hand-carried the decorations back to the US and UK offices to make them available for you!


Ok. Let’s be honest. Missionaries often attempt to sell handmade products from the mission field and they are not the most desirable products and often are not of the best quality. Most people buy them because they feel sorry for those on the mission field.

The BTJ Christmas ornaments and tree skirts are NOT in this category.

BTJ Christmas decorations focus on a simple rustic style found in a traditional Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, or Finnish Christmas. Nordic Christmas traditions have influenced the entire world with a timeless aesthetic look that has warm tones, cozy textures, and are made from natural products. They are in direct contrast to loud, bright, flashy (often times gaudy) commercial Christmas ornaments found at most department stores.

[Below is a picture of BTJ tree ornaments]


Bottom line – when you buy BTJ Christmas décor, you are supporting missions. You will have a testimony hanging on your tree that you can tell family and friends about. These are great conversation starters to get people talking about missions.

100% of all proceeds from the BTJ Christmas items go back into missions.

That is not the case when you buy Christmas gifts in a department store. In fact, many Christmas decorations found in the department store have been shown to be made by Chinese Christians in prison.

BTJ has shared stories of Chinese Christians who have been imprisoned and forced to work in labor camps, and made to make Christmas decorations for American and European customers.

When you buy decorations from BTJ, you are 100% guaranteed to be promoting missions and fair labor and not supporting the persecution and exploitation of Christians.


The problem is that supplies are LIMITED. Because each item is handmade, we simply do NOT have a large inventory. We will most likely run out of stock before the end of November, SO ORDER NOW.

You can order now by clicking here.

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