STRAIGHT TALK! Bishop Williams Joins BTJ to Talk about Race, Hate, Protest, and God’s Word

Bishop A.R. Williams has been my pastor for more than 25 years and he and his church sent me and my family to China about 20 years ago.  He has joined us numerous times on the mission field in China, Tibet, Ethiopia, Somalia, Dubai, Iraq, India, Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam.  He has a heart for BTJ and missions and during our special Saturday morning podcast yesterday, he joined us for some straight talk about racism and protests that are happening all over the world.

Though the world is watching the events unfold in America, the same spirit of racism, hate, and violent protests are seen in China and other parts of Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Europe as well.  In this podcast Bishop Williams doesn’t pull any punches, but at the same time shares in love and grace as it pertains to racism.

I believe that Christians will not find a wiser voice on these issues.

*VIEWER WARNING:  If strong racial words and terms offend you, this video may not be suitable for you.


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