Somalians Suffer from Explosions as Former Al-Shabab Member Appointed to Gov’t Position

“Kindly pray for us here. Four huge explosions rocking around the city,” came a text from a BTJ partner late last night. At least 20 people were killed in one explosion just last week and two more were killed by a landmine explosion yesterday, but it is not being reported in mainstream media.

Mogadishu is in desperate need of prayer. It is a war zone and there are so many explosions happening in the main capital city right now that the true death count is largely unknown.

Underground Christians in Somalia’s main capital city, Mogadishu, are feeling the effects from non-stop violence and explosions. “[For] three days I am trying to go to the market where we can get supplies,” came one text from a believer who is not able to leave their home to buy needed goods.

The situation is not expected to improve any time soon. Just this week, Somalia’s Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre, has named former al-Shabab spokesperson and Osama bin-Laden supporter, Muktar Robow, as the Minister of Religion for Somalia.  This appointment comes after al-Shabab executed seven people last week by firing squad.

The world must admit that the strict adherence to Islam has not brought peace to Somalia. Islam has been tried for generations, but has clearly failed and the people are suffering. Only the name of Jesus can bring salvation to the people of Somalia and this is why BTJ is working with underground Christians there to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ. For security reasons, details cannot be shared about the projects, but BTJ has been sending aid to Somalian Christians and we need your prayers to continue doing so.


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  1. Most definetly I’ll pray for Peace in Somolia. Religion that people practice and follow is about Peace and Love. Particularly the Love of GOD which Muslims call him Allah but all my thousands of Middle Eastern Muslim FACEBOOOK FRIENDS when they wrote me called him GOD. Allah/God doesn’t want killings and executions by any method over his Religion. To GOD/ALLAH its HIPPOCRITICAL of you who kneal and pray to ALLAH. Allah want everyone to love and respect each others Religion and not be killed over it. Like my many FACEBOOK FRIENDS who FACEBOOKED ME above sent me 3 beautiful photos showing the love between Jews and Muslims who can be friends and exist in the same land. Catholics as well. I was sent a beautiful photo of 2 boys who were best friends smiling arms around their shoulders walking and talking one was Jewish and one was Muslim. The second one was 2 friends one a Jewish Rabbi and the other a Jewish Man praying side by side on a street where the Muslim man was on his mat praying to God/Allah while the Jewish man next to him was praying to God with him. This is LOVE and RESPECT. Then I was sent a beautiful photo at the wailing wall in Israel where again Muslims and Jews were side by side praying to God/Allah and I think Benjamin Netanyu was also in the photo who was also my FACEBOOK FRIEND. Muslims are very devout prayers to Allah/God daily and so are the Orhtodox Jewish sects of Judiasm and many Catholics and Christians and Buddhists and Hindu’s also. Stop all this fighting and killing over Religion and pray side by side in your Nations and LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS GOD/ALLAH LOVES ALL OF YOU.

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