Smuggling Bibles into Iran

Smuggling Bibles into Iran

So far in 2017, BTJ has been able to provide 40,000 electronic Bibles on the ground in Iran. Iran has been in desperate need of Bibles, and there are few organizations able to get Bibles into the country. Many have been trying to sneak them across the border from Turkey, Armenia, or Azerbaijan… but all of these roads have serious risks right now because of the war that is going on with ISIS.

There is currently a BTJ team on the ground in Iran that has no other support except for the generous donors that have given to BTJ. The BTJ team has been doing the unthinkable – taking thousands of e-Bibles into the middle of Iran, right under the noses of the customs officials.

Several customs officials have even stopped our shipment of e-Bibles and did not even know what they were looking at! How is that, you might ask?

The reason is because the BTJ e-Bible is being taken in to Iran in parts and then taken to facilities that we call BTJ Bread Factories. At the BTJ Bread Factories, the e-Bibles are assembled and shipped out to every part of Iran. BTJ has purchased delivery vehicles called Bread Vans and these Bread vans drive all over the country delivering God’s Word to believers who are desperate to receive them.

With the 40,000 Bibles that we have delivered so far this year, the total number of Bibles that we have been able to deliver in Iran is now over 300,000. None of this would have been possible without the dedication of the Chinese missionaries on the ground, the ingenuity of the production team to find unique ways to make God’s Word available through the latest technology, and with the tons of prayer and support that we have from BTJ partners around the world.

The Word of God is desperately needed in Iran and one of the places that we have been called to take it is to the prisons of Iran. That would not necessarily be possible with traditional Bibles. Because of the size, traditional print Bibles are next to impossible to smuggle into prisons when Christians are incarcerated.

To answer this challenge, BTJ has developed a brand new e-Bible about the size of a small coin. This Bible is unlike anything that has ever been seen before because it projects the Words of God from Genesis to Revelation into thin air. It is our new Hologram Bible. It doesn’t require batteries… It is powered from movement and can be easily smuggled into Iranian prisons to be a blessing for Christians, as well as a Word of Truth for those who do not believe.

In order to make this dream a reality, we need help. For less than $1 USD per day, you can help stand in the gap and provide a Bible and support for those living in places like Iran by joining BTJ GateKeepers.

As a GateKeeper, you will not only be supporting e-Bibles in Iran, but will also be helping develop the latest technology that will help get God’s Word into places like Iraq, Somalia, and North Korea.

Go online and become a BTJ GateKeeper today.

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    1. Dear Markus, we trust your trip to Iran is a great one for you, and that all goes well. Thank you for your willingness and desire to help, it is appreciated. So very sorry, but we will not be able to help you for this trip, I trust you understand. Many Blessings as you travel.

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