Sleeping for mission: BTJ The Netherlands, supporting in creative ways

Every nation has their own traditions of charity support and fund raising. When BTJ The Netherlands started up late spring 2018, they had to feel their way forward as to how they could connect the relatively small but varied Christian population to the BTJ vision.

There was a little group that was touched by the message of Eugene Bach, and that set out to work and pray. The group, has since grown, both in numbers and interest. And as people with a variety of talents join, it is great to see how people willingly use them and share their resources.

Last week BTJ NL had a table on a Christmas market. As well as BTJ books, they sold home made apple pies and other gift products. Many different local women offered to bake. The proceeds go to one of BTJ’s projects in Iraq.

A surprise donation came from a very talented seamstress who had spend years making all kinds of beautiful baby and doll’s products. Clothing, blankets, baby baskets, prams, cradles, everything unique and of the highest quality. She donated her extensive collection to BTJ NL, and sales will begin this week.

However, there were so many items that a dedicated space was needed to display all of the products. A local bed store offered space, and helped with the financial logistics. In addition to that, they offered to donate 20% of all their proceeds on the day of the charity sale to BTJ. So those who buy a bed during this time, can help missionary work by sleeping comfortably.

Another local business man offered his venue for the next meeting with Eugene Bach, which will be on December 7th. He also offered to provide a lunch for the afternoon meeting, which will include the fresh fish that his company is famous for.

A graphic designer who joined the BTJ support group, designed a beautiful brochure, which can be handed out at meetings and events. And invitations to come and tell about BTJ at church groups are beginning to come in.

Money is a sensitive topic in the Netherlands and blatant fund raising is often frowned upon. But working as a community to support Chinese missionaries, in creative and practical ways, energizes and motivates people to join. May these efforts bring blessing to the Church of China and the work of BTJ.

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