Shocking Video! Shanghai Quarantine Workers Break Down Door to Detain Covid Violators

Shocking videos are continuing to come out of Shanghai, highlighting the severity of the lockdowns.

Perhaps the term ‘lockdown’ should not even be used during this time in China, as it might conjure up images that many in the west experienced when they were asked to stay at home. Unfortunately, China is not merely asking people to remain in their homes, but are erecting fences, forcefully dragging citizens away to government quarantine camps, nailing doors shut, and in this case, breaking down the door to the home of what appears to be two young ladies who have been accused of leaving their home.  The context of the video is not provided outside of what can be seen.

The full video can be found below:

The BTJ partners in Shanghai have been reporting about this hardship in Shanghai for several weeks and we continue to pray for them.

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