Shocking Video! Chinese Airline Gives Cash to Passengers To Apologize for Delay

Flights are often delayed around the world, but rarely are customers compensated in cash for the delay.

Delays are simply a reality of air travel. Everyone experiences them at some time or other when flying, but an airline in southern China did something very unique by handing out cash to passengers who had to wait an extra six hours to board their flight.

Click below to watch video:

On May 11, at the Changsha International Airport, each passenger (man, woman, and child) was given 200 RMB ($30USD) as they boarded their flight to help compensate for their delay. They were also given a free boxed lunch and a bottle of water during the time that they waited.

It is not certain if this is going to become standard in China or not, but it would be great if this would become a norm throughout the airline industry.

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