Shagufta Kausar, Mother of Four and Former Death Row Victim for Blasphemy, Speaks at EU Today

Shagufta Kausar is a Pakistani Christian who was sentenced to death by hanging when she was falsely accused of sending an unfavorable text about Islam. Her disabled husband was hung upside down and beaten, her children were terrorized, and she was threatened to be marched through the streets naked and lynched – all based on unprovable charges of one single phone text about the Prophet Muhammad.

Today, Shagufta is heading to the halls of the European Parliament to make a case against Islamic blasphemy laws, like the ones she was charged with. The very law that put Shagufta, a mother of four, on death row with a sentence to be hung, are the same laws that are being pushed today in Europe.

The blasphemy law that put Shagufta on death row is being relabeled and pushed in Europe as “anti-hate speech” laws. Denmark is expected to pass such laws to protect the Quran after violent Muslim protests have sparked as a result of Quran burnings. Denmark has freedom of speech laws, often embraced by Christian nations, that allow protestors to burn holy books as a form of free speech – like burning the Bible, Torah, or Quran. However, as a reaction to the violent protests, the nation is at a cross-roads, ready to throw away their free speech values to appease Muslim nations like Pakistan that regularly sentence Christians to death for saying anything against Islam or the Prophet Muhammad.

BTJ is currently working with Shagufta to tell the amazing testimony, how God miraculously rescued her and her husband from death row in Pakistan.  The book is due out next year.

As of today, there are 79 nations that have anti-blasphemy laws. Pakistan leads the world for the majority of those sentenced to death if found guilty. Shagufta is fighting for free speech today to keep the world from enshrining the same laws in Europe as they have in Muslim nations.


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