REPORT: 2021 Worst Christian Persecution in World History

2021 saw the worst Christian persecution in world history with a Christian dying for their faith every 90 minutes – this according to a 2022 World Watch List by Open Doors.

Christians face more violent aggression because of their faith than any other religious group in the world. According to the recent report, more than 360 million Christians live in places “where they experience high levels of persecution and discrimination.”

Last year, the situation was horrendous.

5,898 Christians killed for their faith

6,175 Christians detained without trial, arrested, sentenced or imprisoned

3,829 Christians abducted

The number of Christians murdered in 2021 increased by a shocking 24% from 2020, which was already astonishingly high. (24 percent) over the 2020 figure of 4,761 — which was already extraordinarily high — meaning that now more than 16 Christians die every day for their faith in Jesus.

The situation is worse than the pandemic. Christians cannot stay home to protect themselves from violence against those who persecute them for their faith. There is no vaccine to protect Christians from executions. 360 million people live in nations where wearing a mask and socially distancing will not keep them safe.

Mariam Ibraheem, a Sudanese Christian who was sentenced to 100 lashes and death by hanging for refusing to deny her faith in Jesus Christ, has spoken out about the persecutions that Christians face every day. As a result of informing others about Christian persecution, Facebook removed her account.

Mariam shared a post on her personal Facebook account to remind her friends of the Coptic Christians who were executed in Libya by ISIS. She shared the post on the seven year anniversary. In the most profound absurdity, Facebook immediately blocked the post, deleted Mariam’s account, and accused her of inciting violence by revealing the violence against Christians!

Because of massive companies like Facebook which control information flow, Christian persecution has never been easier to get away with, which could be one reason why it is so rampant.

The other reason why persecution is so rampant is because the Gospel is being preached in more areas than ever before.

The more the Gospel is preached, the more who will hear.

The more who hear, the fewer the unreached groups become.

The fewer unreached there are, the closer we are to the return of Jesus.

The closer we are to the return of Jesus, the shorter the time Satan has to rule.

The shorter the time that Satan has to rule, the more anxious he becomes.

The more anxious he becomes, the more violent he grows.

The more violence against Christians, the hotter the revival fires burn.

The hotter the revival fires burn, the more the Gospel is preached!


Dr. Eugene Bach is a known trouble-maker with an active imagination and sinful past. He has a PhD, but is not a real doctor, so please do not call for him during a medical emergency on an airplane when someone is having a heart attack. Eugene started working for Back to Jerusalem in the year 2000 after a backroom deal involving Chinese spies, the NRA, Swiss bankers, and a small group of Apostolic Christians that only baptize in Jesus’ name. He spends most of his time in closed countries attempting to topple governments by proclaiming the name of Jesus and not taking showers. From time-to-time he pretends to be a writer. He is not good at it, but everyone around him tries to humor him.

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  1. Mary Elllen Gilvey

    Over the course of History Christians have been persecuted for their Faith and died for it becoming Martyr’s. Jews during the Holocaust also died horrible because of their Faith and becoming instant Martyr’s. Muslims also have died for their Faith most famous is Christ Church in New Zealand also becoming instant Martyr’s. If you are killed for your Faith regardless of what Religion you are you become instant Martyr’s in Heaven for God/Allah. No one in the World should be killed for their Faith. Religion is the Love of God/Allah and following his Way and believing in his Truth. I too am Persecuted for my Faith as a Catholic. My Cyber Bullyier is blocking me from getting on my Facebook page for almost a year now and he took me off all because I was writing President Vladimir Putin my nightly Facebook friend a complement and also because I’m not my cyber bullyier’s Wife because I didn’t say yes to marry him and he can’t enjoy my huge soaring success I was having as an internet celebrity on Facebook. So he destroyed on purpose my huge success and has kept me off of my Facebook for 9 months. What sparked it was Paul McCartney facebooked me asking me to add him as his friend. My cyber bullyier is banned from Facebook because Mark Zuckerberg deactivated his Facebook account and banned him from Facebook for all the horrible cyber bullying he did to me when I was on it. A State Trooper guarding the Attorney Generals building told me to tell Mark Zuckerberg to do this and Mark Zuckerberg did. But my cyber bullyier uses his Spywear Equipment to hack into Facebooks computer system so everytime I try to log back on he blocks me from doing this. And in May Mark Zuckerberg kept on emailing me 8 pass codes to get back on and my cyber bullyier blocked me 8 times from getting on and this was on Penetoctal Sunday after I was in a Catholic Church for 4 hours praising Jesus Christ singing and invoking the Holy Spirit with Black and White people at a High Mass. Before that Mark Zuckerberg texted me several texts passcodes on a new phone I only used to get back on Facebook and my cyber bullyier grayed out every text passcode Mark Zuckerberg texted me to get back on Facebook and he broke that phone so I can’t get back on Facebook. It sitting in a landfill now.. He’s extremely Jealous over who my famous Facebook friends are and intensely angry that he’s not my husband sharing in all of this. He went out of his way to destroy it.
    I spead PEACE and LOVE and BLESSED everyone and when Jesus Christ God told me to tell people who lost loved ones that he made them an Angel in Heaven, I did and I wrote God’s Messages and his Word on every Facebook Post I wrote on many numerous News Websites for 2 years almost. He destroyed this deliberately. But the Agency he works for in a News story had a detailed story that rhe Director of the CIA was the Head of the Satanic Church and his Wife was a Witch and they made money in Sex Slavery and Sex Human Trafficking and was involved in it. Russia put this CIA Scandal and many others on Yandex for me to read. There’s many more on Google and on Wikipedia. The most recent is on 12/2/21 where the Inspector General fired 10 CIA Men for having Sex with 2 year old and 6 year old Girls and downloading Child Pornography and Teen Pornography on their Government CIA Computers. The story is hidden on a Obsecure website called Info Wars and Buzz Feed and other obscure websites no one reads. Not the Major News Networks where it should have been splashed on and all over. It’s hidden so the US and the World doesn’t find out men in the CIA do this to little girls. Yet Facebook has hundreds of thousands of Porn girls posing in fowl disgusting poses nude and they get on Facebook everyday and they make money selling sex and put their phone numbers on to call them up and if you click on their links they lead to extortionist sex rings in Europe that use underage girls for sex slavery and sex human trafficking along with Porn Hub that also operates on Facebook. I read this on a Google News story. And Only Fans has a Facebook page and according to the BBC News they show videos of Men having sex with children and videos of Men having sex with dogs which is called beastiality and an abonimation to God and its in the Bible. And Witches have Facebook pages with their Witch symbols. Satan and Satanic Cults have Facebook pages with the Devil Beast on them but Jesus Christ on the Cross crucified was banned when a Catholic University showed Jesus Christ God on the Cross on their Facebook page. Facebook said it was indecent. But porn girls and their naked rear ends and vaginas and boobs are not. And Nazi’s have a Facebook page, so does the KKK and Europe’s version of rhe KKK , Penetenits have them also. And many men post tables and rugs full of AK and AR Guns with rounds of bullets and knives and dangerous sheaths also and cabinets full of AK and AR Guns are posted also daily. I got many of these things posted on my Facebook even bombs and every post I received of these dangerous things and the others including porn I reported to the FBI on ic3 and I reported them on Facebooks reporting system as well. I even had a Black family standing in front of their doorway with their 2 small children and each hiding Assault Guns with angry faces during the BLM Riots post me on my Facebook but I reported them to the FBI including videos posted me of you children and teenagers practicing shooting their Assault Guns in a hidden shooting range in some wooded area or valley. So why is my cyberbullier allowed to block me from logging into my Facebook since May 2021 for 9 months now. Illegal and discrimination. I have BURDEN of PROOF what my cyber bullier did to me since July 2020 and is still doing it to this day. Preposterous! He’s Obstructing my Justice in the United States and also when President Vladimir Putin and Russia as a Christmas Present to me on Russia time on 12/24/21 Christmas Eve and on my time US on 12/23/21 he and Russia put me on Facebook as a Christmas Present to get Justice and stop my cyber bullier from cyber bullying me because my cyber bullyier is Obstructing me from getting Justice in the United States of America. He and others threatened and forced and erased and blocked over 30 Facebook posts I rapidly posted on Faceboom on Yandex to the Dept. of Justice and the Democrats and Republicans and every Major News Network and Rev. Al Sharton and Rev. Jessie Jasckon and Alveeda King and Curtis Sliwa and Franklin Graham and Israeli News sites and the BBC and many other sites but the last 2 key ones He and others blocked me from posting the US Senate Facebook and the Facebook Oversight Board Committe so I went to bed. The next day or two I expected many phone calls to help me get Justice in the United States and stop my cyber bullier and the News contacting me also but my cyberbullier and others Obstructed my Justice with my communication and they threatened and forced and blocked and erased all those posts I posted on Facebook on. Yandex to get Justice because my cyber bullier has been blocking me from also contacting the Department of Justice here in the United States with my emails to them and numerous forms I’ve been trying to submit on the Dept. of Justices website form on their page and also he blocks all my emails to every News Editor and every CEO where he cyber bullies me including You Tube where he put many death threats in my You Tube and to the CEO of my email where he’s been putting (penis emails) dick pics for a year now and many other things too. He even blocks all 6 of my forms I have submitted to Tarana Burke of the #ME Too Movement asking her to help me and to contact the Watch Dog Unit in the Dept. of Justice since 7/13/21 when I read in the News that the Watch Dog Unit in the DOJ found the FBI Guilty of ignoring and sweeping under the carpet the 4 Gynmasts complaints and not taking their co.mplaints with seriousness and urgency. Well I said (#ME Too) the FBI is doing this to me since Jyly 2020 and I filled out my first form to Tarana Burke but my cyber bullier blocked all (6) of my forms to her to Obstruct my Justice. The FBI to this day 2/24/22 is still sweeping my co.plaints and ignoring the seriousness and urgency of my complaints to them about my cyber bullier since July 2020 and keeping me off my facebook by blockiing me from getting back on since May 2021 for no reason other than I’m not his wife and I wrote a complement to President Vladimir Puti. My Facebook friend. Of most importance that I’ve been reporting him to the FBI on ic3 since July q020 which infuriates him because I told the truth about what he did to me and is doing. What’s so ironic is my cyberbullier put on my car radio many times when I started the ignition the song (Let the Truth be Told)) by Christian Rock Singer Matthew West but I am telling the TRUTH and trying to tell so I can get Justice and have him stop cyberbullying me and hurting me and get arrested.. He’s a hippoctite. He tried killing me for telling the TRUTH. All this is illegal and Unlawful and Discri.ination and Persecuting me because I’m a devoutly Religious Catbuc Woman and I’m not Muslim. If I was Muslum Woman my cyberbullier would not have gotten away with this one day and he would have been arrested for the FederL Cyber Crimes he’s committed since July 2020. Hundreds and hundreds and.
    hundress of them. I have BURDEN of PROOF. My Race and National Orgin and Age is also a factor as well.


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