Refugee Camp

The General also provided security for us when we visited a refugee camp, with both Syrian and Kurdish refugees who had become displaced after the invasion of ISIS.

This particular camp held more than 3000 people, including more than 800 families, and this was only one camp out of 26 others.

We watched as the people joined the line to receive a food package and carried it back to their tents – temporary shelter that they had hoped would keep their families safe in a time of crisis. Nobody would have imagined their children would be growing older there. The people have lost their homes, their jobs, and many of the children have no memory of life outside the camp.

When we arrived, we learned it had been three months since any food parcels had been delivered. The people were living on only the bare necessities, which consisted mainly of dried food and water.

At the camp, our team was able to give out 1000 food packages for the families living there, each package lasting a whole family for around 2 weeks.

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