Bury Me in China – Robert Morrison Biography (eBook)

Bury Me in China – Robert Morrison by Eugene Bach

More than 200 years ago, Robert Morrison had a dream to get the Bible into the most populated nation on earth, but that dream seemed unattainable. Early skeptics complained that the Chinese language was simply too complicated, foreign, and ancient for anyone to tackle. Added to that, 250 years ago, it was against the law for Chinese to teach their language to foreigners. Anyone caught printing or distributing a Bible in the Chinese language could be executed.

But Robert Morrison dared to do it anyway.

Facing insurmountable opposition, this book tells how Morrison published the first Chinese translation of the New Testament, produced the first Chinese-English dictionary, baptized the first Protestant believer in China, established the first Chinese evangelist, and started the first English-Chinese educational institution. Robert Morrison changed the trajectory of Christianity in China forever, yet very little has ever been written about him—until now.

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