Pro-Palestinian Symbol Connected to Nazi Concentration Camps

Pro-Palestinian protesters in city centers and universities around the world have been using an upside-down red triangle that may go unnoticed by bystanders.

The inverted red triangle is not only used in protests, but it is also being used in videos by Hamas’ military wing to identify Israeli military targets. It’s also the same symbol used on signs and graffiti, and in global protests.

Many mistake it for the red triangle on the Palestinian flag, even though it is not inverted.

The dark history of the symbol is as dark as it is powerful.

The symbol has a direct connection to Nazi concentration camp badges, where red triangles were used to identify political prisoners. Many Jews were forced to wear the upside-down triangle. The red triangles were made of fabric and were sewn onto the jackets and trousers of the prisoners.

Berlin, Germany, just passed a ban on the upside down red-triangle because of it’s connection to Nazi Concentration camps.

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