Prayers Answered in Ukraine?

The world has watched as the war many hoped would never happen, happened overnight. There are reports of thousands of refugees leaving Ukraine into neighbouring nations to find safety for their families.

Our BTJ office in Poland reported that at the writing of this article, more than 30,000 refugees have crossed the border into Poland to flee the conflict.

Right now, the BTJ office in Poland is working to provide emergency aid and coordinating work between the Polish house churches to distribute this among those who need help the most.

It was reported that Ukraine’s capital would fall only last night, and yet Kyiv is still standing. Perhaps this is the direct result of the prayers of believers all around the world. Still, refugees continue to flood across the border, and our BTJ team in Poland are working to help the people there.

Our BTJ representative in Poland joins the podcast to give the latest update on the situation:

Episode 627: Ukraine Live Update


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