PRAISE REPORT – Operation Black Trumpet Was a Complete SUCCESS!


Success! Last night, the first operational test was conducted for Operation Black Trumpet and it was a complete success!

Operation Black Trumpet is a project that was launched by Back to Jerusalem two months ago, to provide back door tunnel access to Bibles for Christians in closed nations. Operation Black Trumpet is the first project of its kind to allow Christians in closed nations unique access to Bibles on the Internet without being detected.

Operation Black Trumpet is just one of the many projects that have been carried out by those who have attended the BTJ Hacker’s Conferences – where Christian hackers from all around the world come together to find unique ways to spread the Gospel in closed nations.

BTJ partners in the Middle East reached out to BTJ and asked for help in developing a tool that would allow them to have access to electronic Bibles without detection. BTJ hackers immediately responded and today, we have our first operational units to provide exactly what was asked for from our partners on the ground.

We are so excited! What we have developed is truly ground breaking and will be able to help thousands of believers have access to God’s Word instantaneously for the first time. At the same time, this new tool will potentially save thousands of lives. We now have a new tool that has never been used before in the history of missions and we believe it will truly change the way that missions is done in Middle Eastern nations.

Tonight, we are truly praising God!

Because of the nature of Operation Black Trumpet, further details cannot be released, but Back to Jerusalem wants to say THANK YOU to all of our supporters and prayer partners.

We especially want to say thank you to all of our GateKeepers. Without the support of BTJ GateKeepers, Operation Black Trumpet would not have been possible. The funding to support Operation Black Trumpet has been provided by the donations of BTJ GateKeepers. GateKeepers are monthly supporters who stand beside the underground house church during the time of need.

BTJ GateKeeper support has not only been used to develop Operation Black Trumpet, but has also supported ground breaking projects that are currently changing the mission field – like the BTJ pill-size Hologram Bible, the Gospel Cloud, DingDash, an e-Bible that lasts 5-7 years without charging or changing the battery, and the development of a small clandestine audio Bible that is voice activated and operated.

To learn more about becoming a BTJ GateKeeper, click here.

2 thoughts on “PRAISE REPORT – Operation Black Trumpet Was a Complete SUCCESS!”

  1. Just woke from a dream at 1 am. There was a pit bull possessed by a demon and the pope caught it and was leading it around by a heavy chain then it was kissing the pope..Their tongues were touching..I said was driving es.light.have to see.woth darkness and I told the pope that.keep.that that mg away from me but he let it and I grabbed a saw a black.trumpet and started to pound the gate into.the ground with the trumpet. And the said something like I demand you stay away from me by the power of the gate of heaven and I kept hammering as the dog approached and I woke up….I opened my eyes and it occured to me.that the air is much heavier these days…weighed down perhaps by the smoke.of.a.spiritual.eruption that has spewed out ashes for m the depths of hell and demons to go with it..anyways had to look up black trumpet and found your website. Interestingly my son is a hacker for a government agency. Sadly I don’t trust the government. Wish he did things like this instead. Anyways, hats my night.. lets see if I can get back to sleep and have better dreams this time…

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