Pornography Targeting Children During Pandemic – But Not in China. China’s Solution for Child Predators is Death

One of the most negative social impacts from the coronavirus, as hundreds of millions of people around the world have been locked in their homes due to quarantine, has been the increase in access to hardcore pornography.

An entire generation of children have transitioned from learning in school to learning online and have become major targets for the porn industry, but fortunately for Chinese children, the porn industry has been stopped at the door.

Hardcore porn outlets have seen their viewership skyrocket during the pandemic, and children are increasingly viewing more pornography. Not only are children viewing more pornography during the pandemic, but with the increased time that children are spending online, predators have more access to children for child pornography.

Marie Michelle Munoz, a child protection officer with UNICEF-backed intergovernmental campaign SaferKidsPH, sounds the alarm with a shocking report saying, β€œIn terms of online abuse – data shows that images of sexual abuse of children that pass through the system of National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, has increased 100% during March 2020, compared to last year.”

This is alarming, because this means that the pandemic lockdown measures that most nations have taken have proven to be the most disastrous for our children. Many parents are asking how we are going to save the next generation.

China might have the answer.

In China, they do not need to have safety features in place for children, because the Great Firewall filters out all websites that might be harmful for children to see. Pornography sites are completely blocked by the government in China.

The Chinese government goes to great lengths to protect their children from the harms of pornography and away from predators who would bring them harm. If you are caught with child pornography in China, you are executed. The Chinese government executes more people than any other country in the world and child pornographers are at the front of the line. They get a bullet in the neck for their crime. Their court appeals process is expedited and usually does not take that much time.

There are many challenges with the Great Firewall of China, but this is definitely one of the benefits.

Even though many countries are suffering from allowing their children to become prey during the pandemic, China has found a very clear solution to keep their children protected.

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