Episode 716: Bury Me In China

The Back to Jerusalem Podcast
The Back to Jerusalem Podcast
Episode 716: Bury Me In China

More than 200 years ago, Robert Morrison had a dream to get the Bible into the most populated nation on earth, but that dream was said to be unattainable. Robert Morrison dared to do it anyway. Now, in our latest book ‘Bury Me In China’, read for the first time how Morrison gave the ultimate sacrifice to translate, print, smuggle, and distribute the entire Chinese Bible inside China – how he lost friends and loved ones, buried two children, a wife, and eventually died on the mission field, thousands of miles away from the land of his birth.

2 thoughts on “Episode 716: Bury Me In China”

  1. Wow, just reading this excerpt sends shivers down my spine! Robert Morrison’s dedication to his dream, against all odds, is truly awe-inspiring. The sacrifices he made – losing loved ones, living as an outsider in a foreign land, ultimately dying on the mission field – are almost unfathomable.

  2. Reading this snippet alone gives me the chills. Robert Morrison’s unwavering commitment to his dream, in the face of overwhelming obstacles, is absolutely remarkable. He gave up so much—his loved ones, his life as an alien in a strange land, and his death on the mission field—that it’s hard to put into words.

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