Episode 692: Falun Gong – Is It Spiritual?

The Back to Jerusalem Podcast
The Back to Jerusalem Podcast
Episode 692: Falun Gong - Is It Spiritual?

A licensed acupuncturist and a former Falun Gong practitioner, Gina, joins Eugene on this episode to talk discuss the practices of Falun Gong and the persecution its practitioners in China.

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  1. Gina

    This is Gina from the podcast.
    Allow me to clarify why I said that the exercises are not inherently spiritual. If a person wants to practice traditional qigong exercises without any spiritual teachings, then the Falun Gong exercises help to purify the qi and meridians in the body, which to me, is not spiritual. But if a person adheres to the spiritual teachings of the practice, then it becomes spiritual. I have met many people who just wanted to improve their health with Falun Gong and did not read the teachings and for them, it was not spiritual. I have known many people to benefit from the exercises without reading the books.

    Eugene Bach said the CCP considers Falun Gong deeply spiritual. Yes, because the books are deeply spiritual, and the CCP banned them. Falun Gong usually refers to the exercises of Falun Dafa, which is the formal name. Since this was our very first conversation, I had to establish the basics with Eugene that the exercises are not spiritual without the teachings.

    Also, Falun Gong is nonviolent and strictly forbids spirit possession, so there is no connection to the boxer rebellion martial artist mediums.


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