Episode 490: Father’s Day Special With My Mother

The Back to Jerusalem Podcast
The Back to Jerusalem Podcast
Episode 490: Father's Day Special With My Mother

Eugene’s mother joins this special Father’s Day episode of the podcast to talk about the impact of fathers. Eugene spent half of his childhood without a father, and though it seems that the world is trying to say that fathers aren’t necessary for the modern family, Eugene begs to differ.


  1. Lizzie

    Thanks so much for this podcast. Loved hearing your mum and you talk.
    And your words following were so real and encouraging, for me as a single mum of over 24 years l can say God has blessed my 4 children and provided all our needs. But they have suffered from not having the dad who was too busy doing ‘God’s work ‘ as he believed!
    Thanks for being honest Eugene it really makes what you say much more powerful!

  2. Pam

    Thank you for this conversation, Eugene. I was widowed when half of my children were still minors. I raised the last six with only God’s help and it was extremely difficult but I got to see God’s constant faithfulness.. Even my older children could not see or understand the changes that made to parenting. Kids really don’t automatically obey when their father is gone. They don’t respect their Mom without their Father’s input.
    That said, I am grateful that my children turned out as well as they did. I learned a lot about finding the people skills I lacked, learning about healthy boundaries and how to apply them, shaking off shame, and seeing God do miracles. Through the hardest years, God kept telling me that He loved me as my identity as a mother was challenged almost daily.
    My kids are all adults now who love Jesus and they walk by faith. They are doing God’s work as He leads them. I am thrilled about that. But I can still see the pain in them at not having their father’s loving presence in their lives. They always hear what a great man he was, but they don’t get to experience him.


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