Episode 473: Movie Review – Babylon To America – With Pastor Steve Larson

The Back to Jerusalem Podcast
The Back to Jerusalem Podcast
Episode 473: Movie Review - Babylon To America - With Pastor Steve Larson

Eugene saw that his old friend, Pastor Steve Larson, was posting on social media about a documentary that is now available on Amazon Prime called ‘Babylon To America.’ Tune in to hear Pastor Steve’s warning before watching.


  1. Thomas E Cochran

    There is zero Scriptures for Sunday Sabbath by the Disciples. There is zero Scriptures to change the 4th Commandment.

    1. Davec

      Plenty of scripture that says not to violate the 2nd commandment though – yet the SDA violates that left and right like it doesn’t exist.

    2. Dawn

      Acts 20:7
      Now on the first day of the week, when the disciples came together to break bread, Paul, ready to depart the next day, spoke to them and continued his message until midnight.

      How about Communion? All Christian churches have Communion on Sunday.

  2. Angela

    This must be a Seventh Day Adventist teaching and movie. I watched a teaching by Seventh Day Adventist Steve Wohlberg and he taught very similar thing, almost exactly. Seventh Day Adventist teaching is very insidious as they always entice you with high quality and interesting content, teach solid Biblical truth, and then start slowly twisting things and adding little subtle lies in there. Most believers don’t understand that SDA is not just another denomination. We as believers need to be educated on what they believe so we can spot the lies and be well versed in scripture.

  3. Cecile

    This pastor is a false teacher and God will punish him. He knows what the Attila is correct because he uses biblical facts and historical evidence to back up his interpretation. Never once in the video did he mention SDA or anything related. All he is saying is that I don’t believe him but yet cannot provide scriptures or historical evidence as to why. Pastor steve you better stop fighting the same God you claim to worship and actually obey the laws of God and open your hears to the truth

  4. Meryl E Myers

    Thank you!!! I almost believed it even looked up a 7th day Adventist church. My son said the same things you just did. But I was still not sure but now I completely understand. It’s Jesus commands for the gentile church we are to follow. Correct? Do not hate your brother, do not look with lust,. He said it’s the heart of the law that we need to adhere to. Faith, Love, mercy, …. Anyone know what that dreaded mark will be?

  5. Meryl E Myers

    And may I ask where can I find Steve Larsons video of this?


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