Episode 446: Three Plagues Of Biblical Proportions Hitting China Right Now

Eugene has been sharing about the coronavirus and the problems people have been experiencing in China and the East. He has heard many reports that things are much worse in China than the media has been reporting. Tune in for an update.

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  1. Rod de Maine

    Dear Brother – Thank you for this and website. First time I’ve heard you. Since reading Heavenly Man years ago its the first time Ive dipped in on BTJ website but with a specific purpose, to find inside information to – like you say – help my intercessions. Subscribed to your YT channel.
    Only suggestion would be that I’ve been frustrated so far as, 1/4 way through podcast, I am still listening to you lecture generally on use of YTube, Marxism etc. Like you say, this can be difficult to listen to, in the circumstances. I’m not a typical Brit, love Americans, but this will put off a lot of even Christian Brits … in case you more people to tune in especially regarding the current crisis …. However, will persevere and listen later. Hope to find more and pointers where to find more. Shalom


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