Episode 411: The Six Lies We Tell At Mission Conferences

Eugene is in Norway attending a Salt and Light Conference. He has the special opportunity to share at the conference about missions and BTJ. The message he is planning to share, however, might prevent him from being invited to another conference! He wants to share that message with you first!


  1. Susanne

    Thank you from Norway on July 23! This is my first listen to your podcast, my first visit to your webpage, and I’m just so happy to hear you share this. Especially awesome with number five. And remember, we Norwegians have a Viking legacy, so give your all to awaken it again!
    All for His glory!

  2. Mara Cole

    Thanks Eugene for your candid, raw honesty. Always appreciate that. Having just returned from working/serving in China the part about being called not necessarily to where your passion lies, resonated. What is my passion? Fulfilling the Great Commission! I’m fairly certain you will be invited back.
    In Him.


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