Episode 394: Emergency In Iran And The REAL Reason Iran Is Scared Of Aid

The Back to Jerusalem Podcast
The Back to Jerusalem Podcast
Episode 394: Emergency In Iran And The REAL Reason Iran Is Scared Of Aid

Iran is going through a disaster. Immense flooding has displaced thousands and claimed the lives of many. BTJ is raising support to get aid directly to the people, but Eugene wanted to share the real reason that Iran may be opposed to aid coming in to their country.

4 thoughts on “Episode 394: Emergency In Iran And The REAL Reason Iran Is Scared Of Aid”

  1. Thankyou Eugene Bach for this amazing informative history. I need listen a few times though to really understand better. Thankyou.
    Am praying. As I listened to podcast you said d in one place “ once waters recede then exact number of tragedy will be known” or something to that effect. Not exact wording. But made me think of two things.an old children’s bible song. Where the Lord said to Noah get those children out of the muddy water. Children of the Lord. Which is in the midst as you say, of horrendous suffering, nevertheless an encouragement of the eternal purpose. And also that in the bible as the water receded over the world. New life came. Made me think.
    However,I am happy to have something to donate for the immediate practical need. And will do so now.
    May I ask where /how you intend to get the provisions needed? What all is devastated? Just a genuine question. Answer may be obvious to others. Forgive me for slowness! But I just wondered
    May God be glorified in this people. And all team workers at btj. All blessings be yours in Christ.
    UK supporter.

    1. About 2/3rds of Iran has been hit by floods – 20 of the 31 provinces. Everything has been lost in these areas; homes, cars, clothes, crops, etc are gone. The country is already doing bad – 70% of the value of their money is gone. Goods are inflated by over 30% before the flood, it will be even worse now.

      Our teams in Iran will deliver the goods – food, water, blankets, tarps, etc – directly to the effected areas.

  2. Thank you for sharing these information regarding the region thst our Lord has given me to pray and contend for.
    My husband & i were instructed with the group we were to travel with to Erbil- Mosul
    to read your book in ISIS in 2016.
    Listening to this information today helped
    me understand so much more about the Middle East.

    thank you
    our Lord bless your work
    mrs. yasmin anger

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