Episode 351: When Ministries Go Secular

The Back to Jerusalem Podcast
The Back to Jerusalem Podcast
Episode 351: When Ministries Go Secular

Eugene and Danny talk about the World Cup, the power of the Gospel, and when ministries go secular.

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  1. Shoshi Free

    Thank you for this podcast! It is so refreshing to hear men of God who have the courage to speak up about this vital issue of secularism within the Church. I live in the Orlando, Florida area and as I am sure you probably know, because of Disney and Universal Studios, this entire area is saturated with the pursuit of entertainment. Sadly, many churches have fallen into copying this model; turning the gospel into a form of entertainment. I believe the justification for using an entertainment model is due to the dwindling numbers in Church attendance.

    What we are seeing here when a Church or Ministry turns secular is perfectly illustrated in the classic, Pilgrims Progress. Remember?–the wrong turn on the road to “Worldly Wisdom”.

    Again, thank you for speaking up on this subject.


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