“Please Help!” BTJ Partners in Afghanistan Beg for Help After Deadly Earthquake (⚠️CAUTION⚠️ DISTURBING PHOTOS)


“Please help!”

This simple text came from our partners in Afghanistan this morning after hundreds of people are feared dead and thousands injured after a deadly earthquake hit Afghanistan last night.

A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck about 40km from the western city of Herat at around 11:00 local time (06:30 GMT). Many buildings have collapsed, trapping people under rubble.









Urgent help is neededHorrible photos have been flowing in from the front lines from our team in Afghanistan. “I have been crying a lot after watching the videos,” wrote a BTJ partner living in Afghanistan. “The situation is very bad and it is likely that another earthquake will hit. This earthquake might be the worst I have ever seen [in my lifetime].”

BTJ has sent $10,000 USD in emergency aid this morning to help provide emergency food and shelter for the victims.

Donate now to contribute to this urgent BTJ effort. 100% of all donations for HUMANITARIAN AID will be sent to Afghanistan Earthquake Relief.

CAUTION: The following video can be disturbing for sensitive viewers

The current death toll is over 300, but dead bodies are still being pulled from the rubble. The people are digging up their loved ones using their hands. Since the Taliban took over, the people do not have tractors or rescue equipment. They do not even have shovels or crude tools to help dig out survivors.

Those who do survive do not have clinics or hospitals to go to. Many people in the medical profession have fled the country, leaving many rural areas without anyone to provide the life-saving measures needed right now in the earthquake area. The situation is dire. The buildings do not have any proper building codes, so concrete homes have collapsed and buried entire families alive.

To help the people of Afghanistan, please donate.

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